The Office of the Supreme Leader

Rules of travel and watan for the wife and children

Q: Are wife and children covered by the ruling no.1284 of the risālah of Imam Khomeini (q.) according to which, it is not necessary for them to make the intention of travel also (along with the husband or the father) in order to be travelers? Does the father’s watan cause the prayers of those who follow him to be full?

A: In case they follow the father in traveling, though by compulsion, the father’s intention to cover the distance will suffice them if they know about it. But as far as taking a watan and abandoning it are concerned, if they are dependent in their decisions and living, in the sense of dependence on the father’s will in that regard, they will follow the father with respect to abandoning watan and adopting the new watan where the father has shifted with them to live permanently.


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