The Office of the Supreme Leader

Wife’s following her husband regarding waṭan

Q: Should the wife follow her husband with respect to waṭan and ten-day stay?
A: Matrimony alone does not make the wife follow her husband involuntarily. Therefore, the wife may choose not to follow the husband with respect to the adoption of waṭan or the intent of ten-day stay in a place. However, if the wife is not independent in her decisions and living, and she submits to her husband’s will with regard to taking a waṭan and abandoning it, her husband’s intent will suffice for her in that regard, and the city to which her husband moves with her, intending to adopt it as his waṭan to live there permanently, will be her waṭan as well. Similarly, the husband’s abandoning their earlier waṭan, along with leaving it for another place, will also be considered as her abandoning her waṭan. Concerning her staying for ten days during travel, assuming that she submits to her husband’s wish, her knowledge of the husband’s intent of ten-day stay will be enough, even if she is compelled to accompany her husband during the period of his ten-day stay there.
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