Daily Islamic Rules
Daily Islamic Rules

Individual prayer simultaneous with congregational one

What is your rule regarding a person or people who come to a masjid to offer the prayers individually while prayer is being held in congregation?
Presents for a transaction
Presents for a transaction
Some companies and other quarters, be they national or international give gifts to agents or middlemen when concluding commercial deals of any sort. Since this may make the recipient lean toward favoring the donor, is it permissible to accept and have ownership of such presents?

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Buyer's delaying payment
The buyer delayed the payment for the goods he purchased beyond the agreed date. As a result of market forces, the goods’ price has gone up. Has the seller the right of withdrawal because of unfairness, or has he the right to do so because of the delay in paying on time?
Keeping fertilized eggs
Nowadays it is possible to keep the ova that have been fertilized in vitro alive by certain procedures to be implanted later inside the womb of the woman who possesses the ova when necessary. Is it permissible?
Tarakhkhuṣ limit of very close cities
In Germany and some other European countries, the distance between some cities (that is, the distance between the exit sign board of one city and the entry sign board of the other) is not even a hundred meters, and the houses and streets of the two cities are totally connected to one another. What is the tarakhkhuṣ limit in such cases?