Daily Islamic Rules
Daily Islamic Rules

Individual prayer simultaneous with congregational one

What is your rule regarding a person or people who come to a masjid to offer the prayers individually while prayer is being held in congregation?
Presents for a transaction
Presents for a transaction
Some companies and other quarters, be they national or international give gifts to agents or middlemen when concluding commercial deals of any sort. Since this may make the recipient lean toward favoring the donor, is it permissible to accept and have ownership of such presents?

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To deal on the condition of delay in payment
An agreement between the seller and the buyer was signed on condition that the price of the goods be settled after a grace period to ascertain whether or not the price was unfair. Is this type of transaction legally valid? And if it is, has the buyer the right to revoke the agreement?
shar‘ī distance in travelling
According to the Imam one should pray shortened and break the fast when travels a distance of eight shar‘ī farsakhs. If the going distance is less than four shar‘ī farsakhs but for returning one is forced to cover a distance of six shar‘ī farsakhs (due to unavailability of a car or difficulties of the road), should one shorten the prayer and break the fast?
To bury a bleeding corpse
A person dies in a collision or by falling from a height. What is the duty in case bleeding continues after death? Is it obligatory to wait till it stops by itself or by using medical means, or can it be buried despite the continuation of the bleeding?