The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s remarks in meeting with thousands of people on the eve of presidential and councils elections

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

(Arabic prayer)

You are very welcome dear brethren [and] dear sisters! And in these important and blessed days, embellished and illuminated our Hosseiniyeh (religious center) with your presence, with your devotion and with your favor.
These days are very opportune days, because they are the last days of the auspicious [lunar] month of Sha’ban. [We must] always remember to make the most of opportunities that are made available to us by the Almighty God. One of these opportunities is the auspicious month of Sha’ban, which is a month for prayer, a month of supplication, a month for recourse [to the Almighty God], [and] a month for awaiting [reappearance of the last Shia Imam]. Another great bounty is the auspicious month of Ramadan, which is close, and it is very suitable [for us] to get ourselves prepared for month of Ramadan during month of Sha'ban. Ramadan is the month of the divine banquet, [and] taking part in the divine banquet needs some preparations; we must create these preparations in ourselves.
 The job is easier for you, dear youths, than us. With their clean hearts, with their pure hearts, [and] due to lack of [spiritual] contamination that occurs to any human being through the time, young people are more prepared, [and they] must appreciate this preparedness, [and also appreciate] these prayers [that are special to] the auspicious month of Sha'ban, especially this [Sha’baniyeh] prayer; [because this is] a famous prayer quoted by [Shia] Imams (Peace Be upon Them). Once I asked the honorable Imam [Khomeini] that ‘among these prayers recommended [to us] by the Prophet’s Household (Peace Be upon Them), which prayer you are more attracted to and like more’; he said the Sha’baniyeh prayer and the Komeil prayer. This man [who was a] mystic [and was] seasoned [in spiritual terms], and acted on the path of God, paid attention to these two prayers. God willing, in these [few] remaining days [of month of Sha'ban], all of us would be able to take advantage of these days and get ourselves into [the realm of] spirituality in this area of the divine mercy, and make the most [of it]; this is the main point.
Another point, which is noteworthy about these days and I prefer to say a few words about it, is the issue of elections. People – the Iranian nation – are getting prepared for a big epic, [and] for [taking part in] elections with vibrancy and enthusiasm. As I have heard and been informed, praise be to God, election vibrancy and enthusiasm is seen in people across the country, [and] people are getting prepared [to take part in the polls]. Well, this is very important, [because] this is when the Iranian nation will shine in another big epic. Every one of these elections, in which you take part, is an epic, [and] is a huge popular movement, which is demonstrated to people in the world; it boosts the nation’s dignity, [and] increases [the country’s] national power. Elections are like this; they display the Islamic democracy before the eyes of those who have a claim to politics in the world. Religious democracy or Islamic democracy was a new idea, [and] a new experience for humanity, which was presented by the the Islamic Republic establishment and the honorable Imam [Khomeini]. You will display and show this on Friday before the eyes of people in the world – from politician to analyst and [state] official and manager and other than manager and all members of the nation – [and] this is why elections are important.
All people in the world have their eyes riveted on these elections of yours; let me tell you this. When I say all people, I mean officials of [other] countries, from governmental bodies in America to European powers and European countries, to those governments in this region, which are followers of America, to that despicable Zionist prime minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] – all of them – are waiting to see how you enter the arena [of elections] on Friday and with what number [of participants] you will take part, [and] with what morale, you will enter elections arena; everybody is looking at you. This is [just] one side of this issue; the other side of the issue is [made up of] nations in the region, which oftentimes look up to the Iranian nation with awe and many of them wish for this freedom and this democracy that exists  here and look [up to you] and admire the Iranian nation. All of these [people] are your fans; these people have also their sight fixed on [your] elections [which will be held] on Friday. If our elections are weak elections, [and] people’s turnout is low, they will judge one way, [and] decide one way. However, if people’s participation [in elections] is a smart, powerful, [and] present-in-the-scene participation with high turnout, they will pass a different judgment [and] give a different opinion [on your elections]. In reality, by holding these elections in certain years and certain periods of time, the Islamic Republic is refreshed, [and] projects and displays itself in the hearts and eyes of the world people in a novel way, in a prominent way [and] in an interesting way. This is why the day of elections is really a day for celebration, [and] a day for joviality and enthusiasm for the establishment of the Islamic Republic.
You just look at the region, our region, [which includes] the West Asia region and North Africa, [and see how] it is currently immersed in insecurity either through presence of terrorists and armed elements, who are often supported by evil and ill-wishing governments, or due to civil wars in some countries, and in all these countries the hands of colonialist powers can be seen at work. It is insecurity after all, [and] the environment [of our region] is insecure. Look at the regional countries; is there anywhere [in this region] that insecurity is not rife? Praise be to God and through the Almighty’s assistance, out of this insecure complex, the Islamic Republic is busy preparing for elections with security, [and] with tranquility. Today, not more than two days remain before elections [are held], [and] praise be to God, the milieu of the country [is] a peaceful milieu combined with tranquility, [and] combined with serenity. These [conditions] are very valuable. Dear brethren and dear sisters! We must greatly appreciate these [conditions]; [because] they are very precious. Elections are held in an eighty-million-strong country – which they have said that fifty-odd million people are eligible to vote – and people are getting prepared with vibrancy and enthusiasm [to take part in elections], but tranquility is rampant everywhere; this is very valuable, [and] this is very important. This must be appreciated.
The Islamic Republic has given us a free space. Of course, some people are ungrateful and take advantage of this free space and negate freedom [in the country]. This is ungraciousness and ungratefulness shown by some people; well, let them be. Praise be to God, there is free space in the country, there is room for people’s participation [in political affairs], [and] there [is] space for people’s vote to have an effect. For electing the country’s top executive official, who is the president, and also [for the election of] municipal managers, which is [done through city and village] councils elections, people have a vote, have [the right to express their] opinion, [and can] make decision; this is very valuable. Those nations in our region whose governments are [in reality] protectorates of the regime of the United States of America, wish [to have] this [free space], [and] envy the Iranian nation. For them, it is a dream to be able to enter the arena; [it is a dream for them that] two people, three people, [or] five people could compete over top executive post of the country and then, people would have the right to choose one of these [candidates]; for countries in our region, this looks like a dream. This [presidential election] is repeated in our country every four years. Our people enter [the arena of elections], elect [their president], [and] recognize [who is the most eligible person, and] this is very valuable. This [state of affairs] must be appreciated.
People’s presence in this arena is very meaningful. This [presence] is indicative of two basic issues. Of course, secondary to these two issues are more issues, but there are two basic issues [embedded] in this popular presence. One [issue] is people’s trust and their interest in the Islamic Republic establishment, [and] people’s attachment to the Islamic Republic establishment; another issue is the power of determination and decision-making, which exists in people. These two issues are very important. When you are present in the arena, you both show that you are [emotionally] attached to the Islamic Republic establishment, which has been able to give the country independence and give [it] freedom, and show that the Iranian nation is a lively nation, is ready to act, is determined, [and] is resolute; you show this. Both of these are of high value to the country; of course, every one of them has secondary issues [attached to it]; [and] has more benefit as well. The higher this presence [by people in elections], [and] the stronger this discipline, which praise be to God, exists among [the Iranian] people, the higher will be the Iranian nation’s credit and the Iranian nation’s respect in the eyes of international observers.
This point about discipline, which I mentioned here, is an important point. This popular discipline is very important [and] is very valuable; both before elections, and during elections and on elections day, [and also] after elections. This popular discipline and commitment to order and law is very important. This is the very thing that many countries do not have and our nation, praise be to God, shows [through holding elections] that it has this. And we, the Iranian nation, have learned this from the past experiences; we have also experienced [this]; [and] we have been experiencing [this] for many long years. The Iranian nation has experienced how this discipline is in its favor and how lack of discipline and lawlessness is detrimental to it; the Iranian nation has experienced this.
Well, of course, there are numerous candidates in the arena [of elections]; they talk, express [their] viewpoints [and] every one of them has his own supporters. There is no problem with that. As they commonly and conventionally say, one person out of this group will finally win [elections]; I [personally] do not believe in winner and loser; at last, one person gets [enough] votes, [and] several people do not get [enough] votes, but the main winner in this case is the Iranian nation, regardless of who gets the more votes. The main winner is the establishment of the Islamic Republic, [and] the main winner is the Iranian nation. Regardless of who gets to the top [of the executive branch,] that party, which is in fact the winner, is people, who have been able to elect one person through their votes. This is very valuable. Well, fortunately, various organs are also at work.
Let me say this as well; everybody must know [this]! Executive organs, supervisory organs, [and] those organs, which are in charge of maintaining security, [all] these [organs] are seriously working. They are trusted; they are working, [and] are moving and working in coordination as well. Of course, despite this issue, I stress and recommend to the same organs, which are trusted, that [they must] be careful that people’s votes, will remain secure, [and] their trust be preserved. Well, it is possible that in the meantime and amid this task, there may be people who may want to do some violations, but [the aforesaid] organs, praise be to God, are accepted [by us], [and] are trusted; both supervisory organs, and executive organs, and those organs, which protect security and maintain security; [all] these [organs] are valuable; [and] all [of them] are busy [rendering services to the nation].
Of course, everybody must be careful and know that the Iranian nation has enemies; [therefore,] in the face of the enemy, the countenance of the nation must be a countenance, which will be indicative of both decisiveness, and self-confidence, serenity and tranquility. These two things must exist. [Both] resolve and [the power to make a] firm decision [must exist] wherever a decision must be made; and at any rate, having trust in the Almighty God and self-confidence and the feeling of power and ability [must be extant], and fortunately, the Iranian nation enjoys this, [and] one can [clearly] feel this. Well, now, with regard to election debates and remarks, sometimes certain remarks were made, which were not suitable for the great nation of Iran, but people’s participation [in elections] will solve all these problems. Such things, God willing and through the divine assistance, will not affect people’s participation [in elections]. God willing, all people – [including both] women and men – will participate [in elections] across the country and will boost the credit of the Islamic Republic establishment through their participation, [and] through their firm resolve.
Let me say a word to supporters of election candidates. Well, every one of these esteemed gentlemen, who are candidates in elections, has a group of supporters and interested parties and fans and proponents and the likes of these; these [supporters] must [also] maintain their sobriety. Both supporters and [candidates’] campaigns must maintain their sobriety, [and] maintain their discipline. Their [main] purpose must be to fulfill their duty, [and] this is what that is important to me. These [short] period of life, [and] this period of work and effort – [by] Tom, Dick and Harry – will pass, [and] what remains is our action, which is taken into account in the divine reckoning and we must answer for it. [As we say in the prayer:] “[O Almighty God] make me do things about which you will ask me questions in the Hereafter.” The Almighty God will ask us questions about certain things in the Hereafter; we must think about it, [and] strive toward it.
All people, both the candidates, who have entered the election contests, and their supporters and friends must be careful that every one of their actions should be a good deed in the eyes of the divine angels [that take account of our actions]; [they must] take care that their actions, their behaviors, [and] whatever they say would be considered by the Almighty God as good deeds and the Almighty God consider [spiritual] rewards for them. When this will take place? When we do everything for the sake of God. It would be good if [all people] make effort, struggle, [and] work, but they must make their intentions, divine intentions. If this happens, then the Almighty God will bless that work [that we do], will bless the Iranian nation, and what is beneficial to the Iranian nation will come about through the divine assistance. At any rate, we are all obligated to remain committed to law and the discipline required by law and act upon it.
Let me tell you this: dear brethren and sisters! Every period out of [all] periods [of time] through which the Islamic Republic has gone, [in that period] the Islamic Republic has been faced with different and diverse conditions in the world and in the region and inside the country itself, [but] it has continued to go ahead. It is possible that performances of officials like me have not been suitable or [totally] positive or complete or overarching at some places, but the huge movement of the Islamic Republic and people’s presence and cooperation of people with the Islamic establishment has made its effect and we have moved ahead; and God willing, through the divine assistance, this progress will continue day by day and period by period, and the Islamic Republic will see the day when its enemies will lose hope [in defeating it] and stop threatening and bullying and talking nonsense about the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation.
I hope that the Almighty God will bless the Iranian nation; [I hope that] the Almighty God, God willing, will do [us] favor and bless this great test that lies ahead of us and, God willing, whatever is in the benefit of [the Iranian] people and beneficial to the country and expedient for the nation, will make it happen to [our] people.

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings