The Office of the Supreme Leader

Percepts Pertaining to Prayer & Fast

  • Rulings about prayer
  • Fasting
    • Types of fasts
    • Obligatory fasts
    • Conditions of the obligation of fasting
    • Conditions for the validity of fasting
    • Intention for fasting
    • Acts which invalidate one’s fast
    • Kaffārah for intentionally invalidating the fast of the month of Ramadan
    • The amount and description of kaffārah
    • Rulings about kaffārah
    • Kaffārah for breaking the qaḍā’ fast of the month of Ramadan
    • Kaffārah for delay
    • Fidyah
    • Cases when performing qaḍā’ is obligatory but paying kaffārah is not obligatory
    • Rulings regarding qaḍā’ fasts
    • Rulings regarding qaḍā’ fasts of the mother and father
    • The method of ascertaining the first day of a month
    • Miscellaneous issues regarding fasting
    • Rulings about zakat al-fiṭrah
    • Rulings about i‘tikāf
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