The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Rules on Prayer & Fasting

  • Prayer
  • Fasting
    • Conditions and Requirements of Obligatory Fast
    • Obligatory Acts of Fasting
    • Makrūh Acts during a Fast
    • Cases in which Qaḍā’ and Intentional kaffārah Are Obligatory
    • The Kaffārah of Breaking Fast Intentionally
    • Cases in which Only Qaḍā’ of Fasting Is Obligatory
    • Rulings of Qaḍā’ Fast
    • Kaffārah of Delay
    • The Rulings on Qaḍā’ of One's Parent's Missed Prayers/Fasts
    • Rulings on a Traveler's Fast
    • People for Whom Fast Is not Obligatory
    • Way of Ascertaining the First of a Lunar Month
    • Types of Fasting
    • Conclusion: Fasting Etiquettes and these of the Holy Month of Ramadan
    • I‘tikāf
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