The Office of the Supreme Leader

Hajj Rites 2015

  • Introduction
  • Types of Hajj and ‘umrah
  • General Structure of hajj tamattu‘ and its ‘umrah
  • hajj ifrād’ and ‘umrah mufradah
  • hajj qirān
  • General Rules for hajj tamattu‘
  • Part one ḥajjat ul-Islam and hajj on behalf
  • Part two Rites of ‘umrah
    • Chapter one Places (Mīqāts) of iḥrām
    • Chapter two iḥrām
    • Chapter three Ṭawāf and its prayer
      • Conditions of Ṭawāf
        • The First condition: Intention
        • The second condition: Being in state of wuḍū' and ghusl
        • the Third condition: Purity of the body and the clothes
        • The Fourth condition: Circumcision
        • the Fifth condition: Covering private parts
        • the Sixth condition: clothes of Ṭawāf should not be usurped
        • the Seventh condition: Muwālāt in Ṭawāf (performing the rituals consecutively)
      • The obligations of the Ṭawāf
    • Chapter four sa‘y between Safā and Marvah
    • Chapter five taqsīr
  • Part three Practices of hajj
  • Inquires about hajj and ‘umrah
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