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Rules of Fasting

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    • Eating and Drinking
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      Eating and Drinking

      The Criterion of Eating and Drinking
      75. If a fasting person eats or drinks on purpose and knowingly, his fast is void. It makes no difference whether it is among normal food and drink, or non-edible like a piece of cloth/paper, whether it is a lot or a little like a very tiny drop of water or a small crumb of bread.

      To Break Fast due to a Match
      76. I have to play in a football match and it makes me thirsty and hungry a lot. Am I allowed to break my fast?
      A: What is mentioned in the question does not justify breaking one's fast.

      To Break Fast due to Hunger/Thirst
      77. Fasting in Ramadan, a person did not wake up one day to eat the meal taken before the dawn. Therefore, he could not continue fasting until sunset. During the day, something happened which forced him to break his fast. Is he required to observe kaffārah? 
      A: If he keeps the fast and breaks it only when it becomes — due to hunger and thirst — unbearably hard for him to continue, he has to perform only qaḍā’ of the fast and no kaffārah is required.

      To eat Prefast Food after Morning Adhān
      78. In Ramadan month, one wakes up to have prefast meal. After eating, he comes to know that he has eaten after morning adhān, is the fast valid or he should observe its qaḍā’?
      A: If he checks and becomes sure that it is before morning adhān, eats and then finds out otherwise, his fast is in order and there is no qaḍā’.

      79. Nowadays, one uses his clock/watch to regulate daily works and in the cities, due to tall buildings, one cannot see the fajr phenomenon. Taking this fact into consideration, is the fast valid in the two following cases: A person wakes up and starts eating as the clock shows four o'clock, which is before morning adhān, then he comes to know the clock was not working and actually it was after morning adhān? The same thing happens but because one's eye makes a mistake while looking at the clock?
      A: In both cases, if one relies on the clock and is sure that it is before adhān but comes to know otherwise, his fast —if it occurs in Ramadan month — is valid.

      80. While eating, one finds out that it is morning, what should he do?
      A: He should take out the food. If he swallows the food on purpose, his fast is void.

      During Fast Something Comes up to the Mouth
      81. Sometimes I get acid reflux and something come up to my mouth. While fasting, if I swallow it, does it affect my fast?
      A: If one swallows it on purpose and intentionally after its coming to oral cavity, the fast is void. However doing so inadvertently does not invalidate the fast.

      To Swallow Mucus while Fasting
      82.  While suffering from a cold, some mucus gathered in my mouth and I swallowed it instead of spitting it out. Was my fast valid? Also, once, staying for some days with one of my relatives during the blessed month of Ramadan, I had a cold and felt shy to perform ghusl of janābah, so I did tayammum instead and did not perform ghusl until sometime before noon. This happened for several days. Were my fasts for those days valid? If not, do I have to pay the kaffārah as well? 
      A: Swallowing the mucus (from head /lung) does not make one liable to anything. However, after the mucus enters the mouth, one should — by obligatory caution — avoid swallowing it. As for not performing ghusl of janābah before dawn and performing tayammum instead, if the tayammum was done because of some shar‘ī excuse or done at the last moment due to shortness of time, then your fasting is valid. Otherwise your fasts for those days are void.

      To Swallow Bits of Food Remained in the Mouth
      83. Once in the holy month of Ramadan, I forgot to brush my teeth, and some tiny bits of food remained in my mouth. I swallowed the bits unintentionally. Do I have to perform the qaḍā’ for that day’s fast?  
        A: If you did not know that some bits of food remained between the teeth, or you did not know that they have reached the throat, and they were swallowed unknowingly and unintentionally, then you are not liable to make qaḍā’ of the fast.
      Using Toothpicks
      84. What is the rule on using toothpicks after the meal for a person who wants to fast the next day?
        A: For a person who wants to fast the next day, it is not obligatory to remove the bits of food by a toothpick even in case he thinks not doing so may lead to their entering the throat. Later, if the bits enter the throat inadvertently, the fast is not void. Of course, if he is sure that not using a toothpick leads to their entering the throat, it is obligatory to use a toothpick and in case he neglects it, his fast is void if the bits enter; rather it is void, by obligatory caution, even if they do not enter.
      To Brush One's Teeth Using Toothpaste
      85. While fasting, is it permissible to brush my teeth Using toothpaste?
      A: It is no problem. However, one should prevent from saliva mixed with toothpaste and water to be swallowed.

      To Use Dental Floss
      86. What is the rule on using dental floss — containing fluoride and peppermint flavor — for a fasting person?
      A: If he does not swallow the saliva, it is no problem.

      To Use Chewing Gum or to Suck Frankincense
      87. What is the rule on using chewing gum and sucking frankincense while fasting?
        A: It is no problem provided that nothing enters the throat, but sucking frankincense invalidates fast.

      To Invalidate Fast due to Insistence of Somebody Else
      88. When I was fasting, my mother forced me to eat and drink. Did it invalidate my fast?  
        A: Eating and drinking invalidates fast, even if it is done at the request or insistence of someone else.
        To Be Forced to Perform an Invalidator
      89. If something is forced into the mouth of someone, or his head is forcibly submerged in water, does it invalidate the fast? If they are forced to break their fast, e.g. they are told you break your fast or you/your property will be harmed and they eat something in order to evade the danger, is their fast valid?  
        A: Forcing food into another’s mouth without their consent does not invalidate their fast and neither does submerging their head in water in the same way. However, if they break the fast themselves when forced or threatened, the fasting becomes void.

      To Break One's Fast Inattentively
      90. While fasting, if he forgets and eats, is it obligatory to remind him?
        A: No, To remind him is not obligatory.
      Drinking Water by Fasting Pilot/Hostess
      91. The pilot or a crewmember aboard an airplane flying at a high altitude and bound for a distant city — a 2 to 3 hour journey — has to drink water every 20 minutes to maintain his equilibrium. Does he/she have to pay kaffārah in addition to performing the qaḍā’?
        A: If fasting is harmful for them, they can break the fast to drink water. They will have to perform its qaḍā’, but kaffārah will not be obligatory for them in this case.

      To Gargle or to Rinse the Mouth
      92. In order to remove his thirst, a fasting person takes water in his mouth, turns it around and spits it out allowing no water to enter the throat. What is the rule on his fast?
        A: In the given case, it is no problem.

      93. After rinsing one's mouth —whether for wuḍū’ or something else — while fasting in Ramadan month, is it a must to spit out three times?
        A: Such an act is not obligatory. What is obligatory is to drive water out of mouth. If he is sure that water has exited, nothing else is obligatory.
       94. What is the rule on gargling for a fasting person?
        A: While gargling, if water goes down the throat, the wuḍū’ is void.

      To Take out One's Mouth While Fasting
      95.To send out the saliva and take it in again make fast invalid, what about taking out one's tongue? Does it invalidate our fast if we take out our tongue for whatever reason?
        A: The mere doing so does not harm fast validity.

      To Feel Some Food in the Mouth
      96. In the month of Ramadan, while we go inside sugar factory, we feel sugar has entered our mouth, does our fast become void?
        A: The mere feeling that sugar has entered the mouth — and even its actual entering the mouth without swallowing it, does not harm fast validity.

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