The Office of the Supreme Leader

Rules of Fasting

  • Fasting Defenition
  • Types of Fasting
  • Conditions of Obligatory Fast
  • Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month
  • Fasting Intention
  • Fast Invalidators
    • Eating and Drinking
    • Sex
    • To Remain Junub until Morning Adhān
    • Not Knowing How to Make Ghusl or Its Being Obligatory
    • Masturbation
    • To Attribute a Lie to Allah, the Prophets and the Infallible
    • Not To Make Thick Dust Reach the Throat
    • Immersing One's Head into Water
    • To Enema
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      To Enema
      163. To enema invalidates fast even in case, it is necessary for treatment.

      To Use Vaginal Suppositories
      164. There are certain medicines (suppositories) for feminine illnesses that are applied through the vagina. Does their use invalidate the fast?
        A: The use of such medicine does not invalidate the fast. 
      165. I am a married woman. As a pregnant woman, it was difficult for me to fast. I had been advised to use some suppositories, is it obligatory for me to perform qaḍā’ of the fasts during which I used suppositories?
      A: Using suppositories does not invalidate fast.

    • Vomiting
    • Some Rules on Fast Invalidators
  • Medical Rules of Fasting
  • Rules for women
  • Zakat ul-Fitrah
  • Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
  • The Qaḍā’ Fast
  • Hired Fasts
  • Kaffārah of Fast
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