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    Eid ul-Fitr Prayer

    Eid ul-Fitr Prayer in the Time of Occultation of the 12th Imam (a.s.)
    249. What kind of obligatory duties are the two Eid prayers and Friday prayer in your opinion?
      A: The two Eid (Fitr and Adha prayers are not obligatory, rather they are mustaḥabb in the present time but the Friday prayer is an optional (takhyīrī) obligation.

    Leading Eid Prayer by an Imam Who Is not
    Appointed by the Jurist Leader
    250. In the present time — that the jurist leader has an authority — is leading Eid prayer only possible for the jurist leader and his authorized representatives or other imams of congregational prayer in masjids and other places can lead it?
      A: There is no problem in leading Eid prayer by those who are not appointed by the jurist leader hoping being desired by shar` (with rajā' intention) and not for its being mentioned in the Islamic tradition. That said, although it is better not to be led by them.

    Leading Eid Prayer by Imams of Congregational Prayer in Masjids
    251. In the past, every imam of congregational prayers used to perform Eid ul-Fitr prayers in his masjid. Is it permissible for imams of the masjids in the current time to hold the two Eid prayers?
      A: At the time being, it is permissible for the representatives of the Jurist Leader — who are permitted by him to hold Eid prayers — and also for the Friday prayer imams, who have been appointed by him, to hold Eid prayers in congregation. As for any other individual, it is based on caution to perform them individually. It is no problem if they perform the two prayers in congregation as something hopefully — not surely required — desired in Islamic law. If it is deemed necessary/beneficial that only one Eid prayer be held in a city, it is preferable not to be led by anyone other than the Imam of Friday prayer appointed by the Jurist Leader.

    Saying Iqāmah before Eid Prayer
    252. Does Eid ul-Fitr prayer have any iqāmah?
      A: It does not have any iqāmah.

    253. If an imam of congregational prayer recites iqāmah for Eid ul-Fitr prayer, what will be the rule of his prayers and that of others who are praying behind him?
      A: It harms neither the Eid prayer of the imam nor those of the followers.

    To Join Friday or Eid Prayer during the 2nd Rak`ah
    254. If someone joins the prayer of Eid ul-Fitr/ Eid ul-Adha or Friday prayer during the 2nd rak`ah, what is their duty?
      A: They should complete the remaining part of the prayer individually.

    To Make more or less Qunūts in Eid Prayer
    255. Does any increase or decrease in the qunūt of Eid prayers make them invalid?
      A: Prayers are not invalidated by this if by increase or decrease it is meant to elongate or shorten the qunūt itself. While if it means increase or decrease in the number of the qunūts, one should offer the Eid prayer as it is mentioned within the books of jurisprudence.

    To Doubt the Qunūt of Eid Prayer
    256. If one doubts the number of qunūts in Eid ul-Fitr or Eid ul-Adha prayer, i.e. unsure whether he has done four or five qunūts, what shall he do?
      A: Unless he passed its place, he should consider the lesser number.

    To Delay Eid Prayer for Unity Purpose
    257. Is it alright, for the purpose of maintaining unity and solidarity, to offer Eid prayer on the 2nd of Shawwāl especially with the presence of some hadiths which indicate the permissibility of offering Eid prayer on the 2nd or 3rd day of Shawwāl?
      A: Whatever the case is, to offer Eid prayer on the 2nd day of the month of Shawwāl as something hopefully desired in Islam is no problem.

    Making up for Eid Prayer in Qaḍā’
    258. Is there any qaḍā’ for Eid ul-Fitr prayer?
      A: It does not have any qaḍā’.

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