The Office of the Supreme Leader

Rules of Fasting

  • Fasting Defenition
  • Types of Fasting
  • Conditions of Obligatory Fast
  • Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month
  • Fasting Intention
  • Fast Invalidators
  • Medical Rules of Fasting
  • Rules for women
  • Zakat ul-Fitrah
  • Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
  • The Qaḍā’ Fast
    • Missed Fasts which Requires Qaḍā’ Only
    • Rules of Making up for Fast in Qaḍā’
    • Qaḍā’ Fasts of a Sick
    • Qaḍā’ Prayer/Fast of the Parents
    • Delay and Negligence in Qaḍā’ Fasts
  • Hired Fasts
  • Kaffārah of Fast
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