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        • The Mukallaf’s Duty When the Remaining Time for Performing prayer Is Restricted
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          The Mukallaf’s Duty When the Remaining Time for Performing prayer Is Restricted

          Q: Assuming the time remaining for performing one’s prayer is little and that one, simultaneously, requires to use the bathroom, what is one’s canonical duty in such cases?
          A: Assuming one can perform the entire prayer in time (carrying out its obligatory components and leaving aside its mustaḥabb components), he/she ought to act accordingly. Assuming one can’t refrain – by any means – from going to the lavatories, he/she ought to relieve oneself, as soon as possible, and then, perform as much parts of the prayer as possible within the stipulated time-period. Otherwise, it is not necessary.
        • Situated under Two Different Horizons and the repetition of the Prayer
        • Intentionally Delaying the Performance of Prayer
        • Offering Prayer at the Beginning of Its Time of Merit
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