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          Prayer in Aeroplanes

          Q: It is often the case that passengers (to Mecca etc.) are airborne during prayer hours. Acknowledging the fact that saying prayer in planes does not hinder one’s upright position and posture during prayer, assuming all other conditions are observed (such as matters relating to the Qiblah, prostrations, rukū‘`…) would it be considered sufficient were one to pray inside the flying plane if it were certain or probable that the plane would reach its destination before the prayer’s time-period terminates (thus enabling one to pray after boarding off)? Or must one delay one’s prayer for later? Assuming one undertakes the former, ought he/she to repeat one’s prayer were one to reach one’s destination before the prayer’s time-period had ended?
          A: Assuming one can maintain the required postures and ascertain the Qiblah, saying prayer in the air is valid and effective; moreover, saying prayer at the first instance is on a par with more reward.
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