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        Acquiring Doubt with Respect to the Accurate Word Pronunciation of One’s Prayer

        Q: What is the ruling in relation to one who acquires doubt with respect to the accurate pronunciation of a word in one’s prayer – other than the recitation of al-ḥamd and the other chapter– such as the takbīrah al-iḥrām?
        A: If one doubts whether or not the questioned word has been realized, assuming the relevant part has not been passed by, then it's obligatory to carry it out (i.e. re-read it accurately). However, assuming one has passed by the given phase, he/she should neglect such doubts. Furthermore, assuming one’s doubt concerns whether or not a segment (of the prayer) has been validly performed – i.e. rather than whether or not the segment per se has or has not actually been realized – then, here, one ought to neglect such doubts, irrespective of whether or not the relevant segment has been passed. It is caution to repeat the doubted recitation – with the intention of attaining Allah’s proximity – if one acquires doubts vis-à-vis its validity (save those of the takbīrah al-iḥrām and other rukns of the prayer) assuming the related segment has not been passed by. Were this genre of doubt to occur concerning the rukns, it is caution to terminate, and then perform, the prayer.
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