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      • Followers Standing Exactly Side by Side of Imam
      • The Requirement of Justice in Relation to Imam
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      • To Be Separated by a Child in a Congregational Prayer
      • To Pray in Congregation behind Sunnīs
      • Connection with the Congregational Prayer When a Follower Shifts to Pray Individually
      • What to Say during Tajāfī Position in a Congregational Prayer
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        What to Say during Tajāfī Position in a Congregational Prayer

        Q: what should a follower who lately joined the congregational prayer say during tajāfī (half-sitting) position?
        Should he keep quiet, say tasbīḥ or say tashahhud with the imam?

        A: He is not required to say anything. However, it is a caution to say tasbih instead of tashahhud, although it is more probable that saying tashahhud is permissible, or rather mustaḥabb.
      • To Pray behind an Imam Unacquainted with All Related Rulings
      • Meaning of 'Apparent Goodness'
      • To Pray behind an Excused Person
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