The Office of the Supreme Leader


    • Rules of Taqlīd
    • Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader
    • Rules of Purity
      • Wuḍū’ Rules
      • Rules of Ghusl
      • Rules of Women
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        Rules of Women

        A Girl's Bleeding before Puberty
        If a girl bleeds before completing her ninth year, it is not a sign of her shar‘ī puberty, nor is the blood treated as that of menstruation, even if it has the properties of menstrual blood.

        Bleeding after Uterus Removal
        As to the bleeding of a woman whose uterus is removed during an operation, it is ruled the same as other bleeding due to wound if it is a wound bleeding. Otherwise, it can be menses or istiḥādhah.

        Ghusl of Janābah during Menses
        The validity of the ghusl of janābah performed during the menstrual period is problematic.

        To Worship during Menses
        For a menstruing woman, it is mustaḥabb, at the time of prayer, to remove the blood, change the cotton and the sanitary towel, make wuḍū’, sit on the place of her prayer facing qiblah, and to recite dhikr, supplications, salawāt, and the Holy Qur'an. At this time, it is not makrūh to recite the Holy Qur'an.
      • Rules of Tayammum
    • Rules of Prayer
    • Rules of Fasting
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