The Office of the Supreme Leader


    • Rules of Taqlīd
    • Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader
    • Rules of Purity
    • Rules of Prayer
    • Rules of Fasting
    • I‘tikāf Rules
    • Rules of Khums
    • Rules of Zakat
    • Rules of Transactions
    • Business/Occupation
    • Ṣulḥ
    • Gifts
    • Silent Partnership
    • Mortgage / Pawning
    • Debt & Loan
    • Rules of Minors and the Retarded
    • Rules of Rights
    • Treasury and Rules of Government
    • Bank Law
    • Rules of Marriage and Divorce
    • Rules of Non-maḥrams (Looking, Hijab & Association)
    • Medical Rules
    • Miscellaneous
    • Rules of Eating & Drinking
    • Rules of Endowment and Ḥabs
    • Rules of Nadhr, Promise and Swear
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      Rules of Nadhr, Promise and Swear

      To Make Nadhr to Fast during Travel
      By obligatory caution, a traveller cannot make nadhr to fast during his travel. However, he may make nadhr, before his travel, to fast while travelling.

      Nadhr's Dissolution
      If one makes nadhr to say four rak'ahs of prayer for smoking every cigarette, it means several nadhrs, i.e. as many cigarettes as he smokes. Therefore, his nadhr remains in tact even after smoking a cigarette. 
    • Will and Funerals
    • Social and Cultural Issues
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