The Office of the Supreme Leader


    • Rules of Taqlīd
    • Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader
    • Rules of Purity
    • Rules of Prayer
    • Rules of Fasting
    • I‘tikāf Rules
    • Rules of Khums
    • Rules of Zakat
    • Rules of Transactions
    • Business/Occupation
    • Ṣulḥ
    • Gifts
    • Silent Partnership
    • Mortgage / Pawning
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      Mortgage / Pawning

      Compensation for Safeguarding Articles in Pawn
      A pawnbroker cannot get a fee for safeguarding/storage of the articles in pawn. Moreover, it is a trick for getting ribā which is ḥarām.

      To Mortgage Other's Property
      A debtor may mortgage some property, which does not belong to him, to a third party provided that the owner has authorized him to do so.

      Deposit in Rent
      It is not permissible to rent a house by only paying some deposit [i.e. without paying any rent]. However, there is no objection to renting a house and stipulating in the rent deed that the tenant pays a certain amount of money as deposit.
    • Debt & Loan
    • Rules of Minors and the Retarded
    • Rules of Rights
    • Treasury and Rules of Government
    • Bank Law
    • Rules of Marriage and Divorce
    • Rules of Non-maḥrams (Looking, Hijab & Association)
    • Medical Rules
    • Miscellaneous
    • Rules of Eating & Drinking
    • Rules of Endowment and Ḥabs
    • Rules of Nadhr, Promise and Swear
    • Will and Funerals
    • Social and Cultural Issues
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