The Office of the Supreme Leader


    • Rules of Taqlīd
    • Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader
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      Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader

      The Authority of the Jurist Leader
      The authority of the jurist leader means the governance of a qualified mujtahid during the era of 'occultation'. It is a branch of the authority of the purified Imams which is the same as authority of the Holy prophet S.A.W.

      Obedience to a Jurist Leader
      The edicts of the jurist leader must be followed with respect to the issues relating to the administration of the Islamic country and general affairs of Muslims. While, every mukallaf is obliged to follow his own marji‘ in absolutely personal issues.

      Not Believing in the Leadership of a Jurist
      The lack of belief, whether based on ijtihād or taqlīd, in the absolute authority of the jurist leader does not lead to apostasy.

      Enforcement of Islamic Penal Codes during Occultation
      During the period of occultation, enforcement of Islamic penal codes is obligatory, and the authority in this regard belongs to the leader of Muslims.
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