The Office of the Supreme Leader


    • Rules of Taqlīd
    • Rules Regarding the Authority of the Jurist Leader
    • Rules of Purity
    • Rules of Prayer
    • Rules of Fasting
    • I‘tikāf Rules
    • Rules of Khums
    • Rules of Zakat
    • Rules of Transactions
    • Business/Occupation
    • Ṣulḥ
    • Gifts
    • Silent Partnership
    • Mortgage / Pawning
    • Debt & Loan
    • Rules of Minors and the Retarded
    • Rules of Rights
    • Treasury and Rules of Government
    • Bank Law
    • Rules of Marriage and Divorce
    • Rules of Non-maḥrams (Looking, Hijab & Association)
    • Medical Rules
    • Miscellaneous
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      Rules on Slaughtering and Hunting

      An Animal Slaughtered by a Sunni
      An animal slaughtered by a Sunni is ḥalāl although according to some Sunni jurists, it is not necessary to slaughter an animal facing Qiblah. Not slaughtering it facing Qiblah due to misinformation does not harm its being ḥalāl.

      Repetition of ‘Bismillāh’ While Slaughtering groups of Animal
      For a group of chickens that are slaughtered together after saying ‘bismillāh’, saying one ‘bismillah’ is enough. For any subsequent group, if there is enough time to say another ‘bismillāh’, it should be said again.

      To Drain up Pool instead of Catching the Fish
      If one, with the intention of catching the fish, opens the valve to drain the pool completely so that fish dies, it is not considered as catching them and their meat is not ḥalāl.

      Dead Fish inside the Catched Fish
      If we find some dead fish inside the body of the catched fish and we do not know whether or not they were alive at the time of fishing, one should avoid eating them.

      To Eat Living Fish
      There is no objection to eating living ḥalāl fish.

      To Determine a Scaled-fish
      It rests with the very mukallaf to determine whether a fish has scale or not. One may suffice with certainty got through the saying of an expert. In case of doubt, its eating is not objected.

      Ḥalāl Parts of Fish 
      By caution, it is ḥarām to eat blood and abominable parts of fish, the rest of it is ḥalāl.
    • Rules of Eating & Drinking
    • Rules of Endowment and Ḥabs
    • Rules of Nadhr, Promise and Swear
    • Will and Funerals
    • Social and Cultural Issues
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