The Office of the Supreme Leader

Rules of Fasting

  • Fasting Defenition
  • Types of Fasting
  • Conditions of Obligatory Fast
  • Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month
    • Sighting the New Moon
    • Sighting the Crescent by Two Just Witnesses
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      Sighting the Crescent by Two Just Witnesses

      Sighting the Crescent by Two Just Witnesses
      34. If several just persons witness that two just persons sighted the moon, is it ruled as the first of Ramadan/ Shawwāl month?
        A: No, Two just persons themselves should tell us that they have seen the moon. If it is narrated by other people, it does not suffice unless it brings confidence that the crescent is sighted.

      Discord among Witnesses as to Sighting the Crescent
      35. If the Islamic scholars of a city differ regarding the new crescent and one considers all of them to be just and precise in their investigations, what is his duty?
        A: If the difference between the two testimonies leads to contradiction, in the sense that one of them claims the new crescent has been substantiated and the other claims the opposite, one’s duty is to neglect both of them and act according to aṣl as far as fasting or breaking it is concerned. However, if the first group testifies to the sighting of the new crescent, but the second group does not know whether or not it is seen — i.e. some say they have seen the crescent and some say they did not see it — others should accept the view of the first group — if they are just — and break their fasts. The same rule applies when a mujtahīd issues a decree announcing substantiation of the new crescent. In the last case, All believers should follow the decree of the mujtahīd.

    • To Get Confident as to Sighting the Crescent
    • The Decree of a Mujtahīd as to the First Day of the Month
  • Fasting Intention
  • Fast Invalidators
  • Medical Rules of Fasting
  • Rules for women
  • Zakat ul-Fitrah
  • Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
  • The Qaḍā’ Fast
  • Hired Fasts
  • Kaffārah of Fast
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