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Rules of Fasting

  • Fasting Defenition
  • Types of Fasting
  • Conditions of Obligatory Fast
  • Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month
  • Fasting Intention
    • How to Intend Fasting
    • Time of Intending to Fast
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      Time of Intending to Fast

      Time of Intention for Obligatory Fasts
      52. In normal situations, what is the time of Intention for Obligatory Fasts?
      A: As to Ramadan fast and that to be observed in a specific day, one should intend fasting the night before — the early night up to morning adhān and for non-specific fasts, e.g. qaḍā’ fasts and absolute nadhr from the early previous night until 'noon' of the day of fasting.

      Time of Intention for Mustaḥabb Fasts
      53. In a mustaḥabb Fast, any time he decides to fast, he may intend and his fast is valid provided that he has not performed any fast invalidator at all.

      Delay in Fast Intention
      54. Because fast starts at the beginning of fajr, fast intention should not be postponed beyond fajr even for a moment and you'd better intend to fast before fajr arrives.

      57. If one has done no fast invalidator and wants to observe an obligatory fast other than Ramadan one, like a qaḍā’/kaffārah  fast, he may intend before 'noon' and his fast is valid.

      58. If one delays — not beyond the noon — intending of a hired fast whether on purpose or unintentionally while he has done no fast invalidator, is his fast valid?
      A: In case of hiring, one should act according to hire deed and what is common among the believers; otherwise, it is not valid and the hired person is not entitled to the compensation.

    • Intention of a Mustaḥabb Fast
    • Miscellaneous Issues Regarding Intention
    • Intention Continuation
  • Fast Invalidators
  • Medical Rules of Fasting
  • Rules for women
  • Zakat ul-Fitrah
  • Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
  • The Qaḍā’ Fast
  • Hired Fasts
  • Kaffārah of Fast
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