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Rules of Fasting

  • Fasting Defenition
  • Types of Fasting
  • Conditions of Obligatory Fast
  • Ways to Establish the New Lunar Month
  • Fasting Intention
  • Fast Invalidators
  • Medical Rules of Fasting
    • A Physician Forbids Fasting
    • Fear of Harm
    • Fast of Special Patients
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      Fast of Special Patients

      Fast of Kidney Patients
      180. I am a kidney stone former and the doctors have prohibited me from fasting. In fact, it suffices to drink three glasses of water either once or three times a day. what is my duty regarding fasting during the blessed month of Ramadan?
        A: If preventing from your illness requires that you drink water and other fluids during the day, it is not obligatory for you to fast; rather, it is not permissible. By drinking water, the fast becomes void.
       Fast of Diabetics
      181. Diabetics are required to take insulin injections once or twice a day. Also, their meals should not be delayed or taken at long intervals; otherwise they might go into a coma or get fits. That is why physicians advise them to have four meals a day. Please give your opinion concerning their fasting.
        A: If abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset is harmful to their health or they fear of harm, fasting is not obligatory for them. In fact, it is not permissible for them to fast.
      To Take Pills While Fasting
      182. Is it permissible to take pills for high blood pressure during fasting?  
       A: If taking these pills during Ramadan is necessary for treating high blood pressure, it is permissible, but it invalidates the fast.
      183. If we think taking tablets for treatment is not regarded as eating or drinking in the common view, would taking them void the fast?  
       A: Taking tablets through the mouth invalidates the fast.
      The Exigency of Using Medicine
      184. A person is sick and should take pills, prescribed by the physician, three times a day; can he fast?
        A: No, he cannot fast.
      Artificial Respiration
      185. Does receiving artificial respiration, done by a mechanical device, invalidate fast?
        A: No, it does not make fast invalid.

      To Use Asthma Spray
      186. There is a medicine for asthma patients, which is in the form of a spray containing a vapor-borne powder which enters the patient’s lungs through the mouth providing him relief. At times, asthma patients need to use it several times a day. Is it permissible to fast while using such a spray?
        A: If it is used only to open respiratory tract, it does not validate fast.

      187. I am suffering from a lung disease and cannot avoid the medicine, especially when it is aggravated.  I use spray as a medicine and in severe situations use some device as well. Can I use medicine while fasting?
        A: If it is used only to open respiratory tract, it does not validate fast.
    • Injection While Fasting
    • Rules of Dentistry
  • Rules for women
  • Zakat ul-Fitrah
  • Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
  • The Qaḍā’ Fast
  • Hired Fasts
  • Kaffārah of Fast
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