The Office of the Supreme Leader

Head of Medical Team:

Supreme Leader in Good Health

Dr. Marandi, head of the Supreme Leader's medical team, has expressed his satisfaction with the results of the operation conducted this morning. He said that the procedure was conducted with local anesthesia, without the need for general anesthesia, and that His Eminence is in good health.

He said that prostate removal operations are common procedures among seniors and even among middle-aged persons. He explained that this matter had occurred for the Supreme Leader for some time and that the medical team decided that it was the appropriate time to proceed with the operation and added that the Supreme Leader followed the medical teams' advice.

Dr. Marandi said that the procedure was conducted early in the morning and lasted less than 30 minutes with local anesthesia and without the need for general anesthesia and without any complications. He said that the Supreme Leader was fully conscious and speaking with the doctors during the operation and is currently in good health and that His Eminence has asked the head of the medical team to convey the message of his good health to the people.

Dr. Marandi referring to the Supreme Leader's insistence on being operated at a public hospital said that the His Eminence did not want to disrupt the normal functioning of the hospital and that he therefore asked that the operation be conducted early morning.

In response to a question regarding when the Supreme Leader would be released from hospital, the head of the medical team said that in such procedures the usual time spent in hospital post-operation is around 3-5 days and that the same will apply to His Eminence.

He explained that after being released, patients need to rest and reduce their work load for a few weeks and that this is also the advice given to the Supreme Leader even though he is a very hardworking individual. He added that the Supreme Leader has expressed his intention to return to his normal work schedule as soon as possible.

The head of the medical team concluded his remarks by thanking the medical team and nurses for their efforts and thanked the people for their sincere prayers for the health of the Supreme Leader.
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