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New inquiries (istifta') September

Exercise and recreation in the masjid
Question 1: We are a group of young people who have cultural and scientific activities for the teenagers in the masjid. Sometimes along with educational programs, we offer for them some games and recreation programs in the masjid. Is there any objection, according to Islamic law, to playing of the teenagers in the masjid?
Answer: The masjid is not a place for doing exercise and sporting activities, and one should refrain from doing activities that are not appropriate to its status.
Inscribing amulets and du'as
Question 2: Is it permissible to inscribe such du'as as Jawshan Kabīr with the purpose of removing the affection of an evil eye or counteracting a witchcraft, in the interest of people's righteous deeds?
Answer: There is no harm in taking advantage of these kinds of du'as as a blessing on the condition that they are transmitted and narrated from the Pure Infallible Imams or that they contain a right content.
Opening a bank account in the form of silent partnership contract
Question 3: What is the ruling on opening a bank account in the form of silent partnership contract with the intention of making a profit? Is there any difference between private banks and the governmental ones in this regard?
Answer: There is no objection to it if the banks act in accordance with the approved rules of (the Iranian) Islamic Consultative Assembly accepted by the respected Guardian Council. With regard to centers other than banks, there is no objection to it if the deposit is concluded by one of the valid Islamic contracts.
Keeping birds and roosters at home
Question 4: What is the ruling with regard to keeping roosters and other singing birds at home knowing that their singing may annoy the neighbors although the neighbors have not yet objected?
Answer: In the given question there is no objection to it.
Offering the Noon supererogatory prayer (nāfilah) before noontime
Question 5: Is it permissible to offer the noon supererogatory prayer prior to the ritual noontime?
Answer: The time of offering the noon supererogatory prayer is after noon prayer time, (namely, the prime time for recitation of adhan of noontime) but if one knows that he cannot offer the noon supererogatory prayer in its due time, he can offer it, based on the obligatory caution, with the hope that Allah would reward him for offering it. However, on Fridays, there is no harm in offering the noon and afternoon supererogatory prayers before noontime.
Illegal hunting
Question 6: What is the ruling on [consuming hunted birds] birds that are legally forbidden to hunt?
Answer: Although illegal hunting is not permissible, if one having observed the conditions mentioned in the Book of Practical Laws of Islam, hunts an animal, there is no harm in eating it.
Hunting with a shotgun
Question 7: What is the ruling pertaining to hunting with a shotgun?
Answer: In general, permissibility of hunting is subject to its relevant rules and regulations, so it is not permissible if there is a legal prohibition, otherwise, hunting is allowed per se; and if the required conditions of hunting exist, the meat of the hunt is permissible to eat. One of the conditions is that the bullet should be sharp enough to rip into the body of the hunt. But if the bullet is not sharp, rather it enters the body of the hunt with pressure and kills the hunt, or if the bullet sears the hunt and thus kills it due to its heat, then the hunt being ritually pure and whose meat being permissible to eat is problematic.
Prostrating on the back of one's hand
Question 8: Is it allowed to prostrate on the back of the hand if one has no other choice?
Answer: If one, amidst the prayer, loses the thing on which he prostrates, and has no access to things on which prostration is valid, in case he has ample time for offering prayer, he should break the prayer. But if he cannot come upon with something on which prostration is valid or he cannot prostrate on anything because of the (severe) cold or heat, he should prostrate on his dress in case it is made of cotton or something that is made of flax plant. As per caution if he can prostrate on a dress made of cotton he should not prostrate on a dress made of something else. If he has no access to the mentioned fabric, he should prostrate on the back of the hand based on obligatory caution.
Observation of relationship with the relatives who do not observe hijab, or commit sins
Question 9: The family of my wife do not observe the rules of the veil. At their parties, ladies wear see-through clothes and their scarfs constantly drop from their heads [due to their carelessness]. Non-mahram relatives shake hands with each other and in wedding ceremonies [and celebrations], ladies dance without hijab with men. What is the duty of me and my wife with observing relationship with them and attending their parties considering the fact that (in their parties) sins are committed and we may accidentally catch a glimpse at the unveiled non-mahram relatives? Is it allowed to break off ties of relationship?
Answer: If the presence at that party occasions committing sins or acknowledgement of it (the party), or forbidding the evil requires leaving that party or not attending it (at all), one should leave it or should avoid attending it. (It should be noted that) observation of relationship does not necessarily denote social intercourse and visiting, rather it can be realized by inquiring after someone's health or sending messages by phone or by correspondence.
The water of the aquarium in which a fish has died
Question 10: Is the water of the aquarium in which a fish has died pure or impure?
Answer: It is pure.
Watching dance movies
Question 11: Is it sinful to watch dance movies?
Answer: It is not permissible to watch dance movies if they contain obscene scenes, or if one watches them with the intention of seeking pleasure or fears of falling into sin.
Black vessels in the chicken meat
Question 12: There are some thin black vessels in the chicken meat that apparently, they are the blood vessels that have turned into black. Is it permissible to eat them?
Answer: There is no objection to it.
Looking at naked sculptures
Question 13: What is the ruling on looking at naked sculptures without the intention of seeking pleasure?
Answer: It is not allowed if it leads to vile consequences and one fears of falling into sin.
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