The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Condition of Virtue vis-à-vis the Validity of Witnessing a

question| Given that one of the conditions of a person that witnesses a divorce is that he must partake of the quality of virtue (ʻadālah), what is one to do if the agent (wukalāʼ) of the husband consider one to be virtuous (ʻādil) whereas one knows oneself to be deprived of this quality. Can one function as a witness to the divorce, as requested by the agent, or must one make oneself unavailable in order to avoid having to act as a witness?
answer| It is not necessary to leave the place in order not to function as a witness. However, this unvirtuous witness cannot consider the woman as a divorcee [i.e. as he knows that the divorce is not valid because of his being unvirtuous].
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