The Office of the Supreme Leader

In a video-conference meeting with students

Ayatollah Khamenei: The US will be expelled from Iraq and Syria

Representatives of political, scientific, cultural and student groups from among the Iranian university students talked and exchanged opinions with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Alli Khamenei on Sunday, May 17, 2020. This meeting, which is held every year during the holy month of Ramadan with the presence of thousands of students, was held via video conference this year due to the health guidelines issued by the National Committee on Combating Coronavirus that has banned gatherings of large crowds.
After students shared their views and opinions, Ayatollah Khamenei began his statements by stressing that the Americans will be expelled from the region, adding “The long-term actions of the US have caused the government of that country to be abhorred in a large part of the world. These actions include warmongering, helping notorious governments, advocating terrorism, supporting oppression wholeheartedly, and the like. Of course, the Americans cannot stay for long in Iraq or Syria, and they will be expelled.”
He also emphasized that the solution to the problems of the country is the establishment of a youthful, pious administration, and said, “The establishment of a youthful, pious administration does not mean that the head of the administration must be a young thirty-two-year-old, rather it means that the administration should be comprised of enthusiastic, energetic, ready, members who are at an age to work and struggle.”
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that one should not compromise with those who do not accept the principles of the Revolution, those who create doubts and those who embellish the enemy. He stated, “Creating doubts is the backbone of the work of the enemy.”
He pointed to self-edification at both the individual and collective level as being truly important and said, “When you have strong spiritual strength, you are better prepared to think, to make decisions and to act.”
Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that a part of nations’ hatred of the US originates from the behavior of the current US officials, including their President (Donald Trump) and the lowly, babbling, illogical, ranting Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo). He stated, “Of course, hatred of the US is not confined to this. The long-term actions of the US, including carrying out massacres and various crimes, showing injustice, supporting terrorism, helping dictatorial and notorious governments, unconditionally supporting the increasingly oppressive actions of the Zionist regime, and more recently, their deplorable handling of the Coronavirus pandemic are other reasons why the US is hated.”
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to warmongering in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as another reason why the US is abhorred throughout the world, “The Americans openly say that they have deployed their forces in Syria because there is oil there. Of course, they will not stay for long either in Iraq or in Syria. They will certainly have to leave those countries, and they will definitely be expelled.”

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