The Office of the Supreme Leader

The leader's message following the tragic mosque explosion in Kunduz, Afghanistan;

Authorities of our neighbouring country must punish bloodthirsty perpetrators

Following the tragic explosion in a mosque in Kunduz Providence in Afghanistan and the loss of life of many worshippers, Ayatollah Khamenei issued a message and stressed on punishing the perpetrators of this heinous crime and preventing the recurrence of any similar tragedies.

The entire contents of the supreme leader's message are as follows:


In The Name of Allah, The Most beneficent, The Merciful

The tragic and bitter explosion incident in the Khan Abad region of Kunduz providence that resulted in the death of many worshipping believers has made us incredibly sad and heartbroken. The authorities of our neighbouring and brother country of Afghanistan are expected to punish the bloodthirsty perpetrators of this abhorrent crime and take the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such disasters. From Allah almighty, I ask for forgiveness and placement in the highest of the high ranks for the martyrs of this incident, and urgent cure and request healing for the victims, and patience and peace for their relatives and remnants.

Sayyed Ali Khamenei

9th of October, 2021

17 Mehr 1400

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