The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Kaffārah of Breaking Fast Intentionally

- There are two kinds of kaffārah for intentionally breaking a Ramadan fast:
a) to keep sixty fasts; or
b) to feed sixty poor people.
- Whoever wants to keep sixty fasts as a kaffārah of Ramadan fast must keep, at least, (one complete month and one day of the next month) or the 1st 31 days consecutively. As for the rest (29 fasts), if they do not keep them consecutively, it is no problem.
- Feeding sixty poor people can be performed in two ways:
a- to satisfy them with cooked food; or
b- to provide each one with 750 gm. (one mudd) food like wheat, flour, bread, rice, etc.
The Treatise on Prayer and Fast; Issue 891
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