The Office of the Supreme Leader

IR Leader's New Year's Day message

Tehran, March 20 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei issued a verbal message on the advent of the new Iranian year of 1385. The following is the text of his message to the Iranian people in full.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

O, The One who changes hearts and states over,
O, The administrator of night and day,
O, The Author of Might and States,
Change our states over to the best.

The first day of Farvardin (Iranian New Year's Day) this year has coincided with Imam Hossein's Arba'in (a mourning occasion in commemoration of third Shiite Imam forty days after his martyrdom day). The Arba'in for itself is another Farvardin. Ashura (Imam Hossein's martyrdom day) began to bloom in Arba'in. The gushing fountain of affection of Imam Hossein which has released the ever-streaming river of pilgrimage in the course of centuries began to well up in Arba'in. Imam Hossein's powerful magnet attracted the first hearts in Arba'in. The pilgrimage trip of (two of Imam Hossein's followers) Jaber-ibn Abdullah along with Atiyyah (to visit his tomb) on the day of Arba'in launched a blessed movement which has increasingly gained momentum in course of centuries until the present time and revived the name and memory of Ashura throughout the world.

The coincidence of the advent of Farvardin with Imam Hossein's Arba'in is actually the coincidence of two Farvardins; the coincidence of two spring seasons. Offering my condolences to all the faithful as well as all Shiite and Muslim people on the occasion of Imam Hossein's Arba'in, I congratulate the Norowz (New Year's Day) holiday and the advent of spring to the Iranian people as well as other nations who mark the holiday. (I congratulate) especially to our country's war veterans and their families who have made their ultimate efforts in the path of Islam's and Iran's elation.

Fortunately, besides the prime of nature, the country is in the prime of hope, movement and high-spirit. The coming to power of a populous administration and the epic of rendering service (to people) along with the burgeoning resolve of the young generation in different fields have put the country in a Farvardin of hope and high-spirit; and this situation is a real New Year's Day holiday for a nation. The credit lies with mass participation and national solidarity to which the Iranian nation stuck during 84 (the last year) as its prime goal. The nation's achievements either in public presence or in demonstrating national solidarity in (the year of) 84 were brilliant. The magnificent elections and people's participation in force followed by the establishment of a people-elected administration which is committed to serving people as well as successful progresses in various grounds in the country were among our nation's great achievements in 84.

True that besides these great achievements, we suffered from bitter matters, mishaps, heart-rending tragedies as well as unkind treatments - either toward the status of the revered Prophet, or to the sanctity of the shrines of Askariyayn (the two Imams buried in Samarra), the memory of revered martyrs and the dignity of the Iranian nation, all occuring during the last year, but the revolutionary zeal by Divine Assistance is going to make a ladder toward sweet occasions out of bitter ones and transform difficulties to working hard; This is the lesson of Islam and its highly revered Prophet.

At this juncture, the blessed name and memory of the exalted Prophet is alive more than ever; and this is a Divine Wisdom and Divine Covert Grace. Today, the Islamic Ummah and our nation is in need of its Exalted Prophet more than ever; to his guidance, to his glad tidings or warnings, to his message and spirituality, and to the compassion he taught to human being. Today, the lesson of Islam's Prophet for his Ummah as well as the whole mankind is knowledgeability, mightiness, moral and magnanimity, compassion, Jihad and dignity, and resistance, thereby this year naturally must be named after the exalted Prophet. Under the auspices of this name and memory, our nation must review the Prophet's lessons and make them its lifetime lessons and ongoing agenda. Our nation is enamored with being disciple to the Prophet's school as well as the Muhammadan lesson, may God bless him and his descendants. Our nation has robustly and steadfastly hoisted the flag of Islam among the Islamic Ummah. It has bore difficulties and then witnessed the fulfillments of presence in this field of honor and nobility and by Divine Grace more fulfillments are coming up.

We must put on our life's agenda the Prophet's moral lesson, the exalted Prophet's dignity lesson and his lessons of knowledgeability, compassion, magnanimity and unity which he taught us as our lifetime lessons.

Today, a determined and serving administration along with people ready for work and ample with hope as well as enthusiastic and talented young people exist in this land and these offer great prospects for the future of our country and nation.

We pray to the Almighty God to make the purified soul of the exalted Prophet happy with us and increase Its blessings to that Prophet of compassion and dignity as well as his Ummah day after day; to make the holy heart of The Patron of the Age (the last Shiite Imam), may our souls be sacrificed to him, happy with us and help us succeed in treading this fraught path; and to send His ample bounties upon the souls of dear martyrs as well as the purified soul of our revered Imam (Khomeini) and put them all in the vicinity of Its righteous friends and servants.

And peace be upon you as well as Allah's blessing and Its bounties.
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