The Office of the Supreme Leader

Islamic Republic, modern example of religious democracy

IN THE NAME OF GOD Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei issued a statement Monday applauding the inauguration of the fourth round of the Leadership Assembly of Experts. The text of his statement, read out by head of his office, Hojjato-l-Islam Mohammadi-Golpaygani is as follows. In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate Staging of the fourth round of the Assembly of Experts was another fruitful stride took by the great Iranian people in a streak of successful moves in different spells and in which they gave a clear message to all ill-wishers by their overwhelming turnout in a year named after the Noblest Messenger, may Allah pray from him and his household. The reprised vote of allegiance by the people to the Islamic Republic System and their aware and courageous fidelity in the progressive principle of Velayat-e-Faqih (guardianship by Islamic jurisprudence) is expected to remind their trusted nominees, the respected members of the noble assembly, as well as the statespersons at various levels of their heavy and significant assignment and to manifest the Divine favors and assistance in treading the vital path of this system before their eyes. The modern example of religious democracy has provided mankind with a new course of action in which to insulate the human life from the scourges of the systems whose foundation sit on authoritarianism or partisan despotism or take root under influence of money-dwellers and wealth plunderers, and from being stranded in the realm of materialism, antinomianism, cast away from spirituality, and in doing so it effectively challenged the perceived encounter between worship of God and democracy. The camp of bully-and-money systems, arrogant powers and colonial cliques has never been expected to sit indifferent towards the phenomenon, abandoning fight. By its growth, survival and solidification in materializing its goals, the innovative example has provided definite evidence against all these governing systems which in the guise of humanism made people strange with God and spirituality and squeezed human beings in their sovereign fist in the guise of democracy. Constant and remorseless wave of plots of the enemies of the Islamic system, after becoming frustrated to destroy the system, has always aimed to bar the Islamic Republic from meeting those goals or becoming an example for the other Muslim nations. At present and forever, different authorities of the Islamic System are indeed required to wait for no moment in treading the path which leads the Iranian nation to their lofty aspirations. Rather in God's assistance, they must pursue the route bookmarked by the dear Islam, echoed in the words and deeds of our late nonpareil Imam and rejuvenated by sacrificing martyrs and wartime folks until they attain the goals one after another in God's order. The chief requirements of this path are adherence to religious undertakings, courage in adopting measures, foresight in making policies and practicing sincerity and loyalty to people. The principal objectives of this Islamic System are social justice, morality health, scientific progress and national wealth and strength. Let us pray God that our country and nation as well as the sincere authorities could navigate bumpy routes for about three decades and negotiate perilous cols unharmed. The path forward is also negotiable in the same faith, reliance on God and resolute resolve. Future successes are tribute to unity, unwavering efforts and trusting in the Divine promise and if met, the aspirations of the Islamic System will be realized, God willing. I appeal to the Almighty God to confer His favors and assistance on the authorities and dear Iranian nation in whole and extend to us the accepted prayers of His Holiness Remainder of God, may our souls redeem him. I feel obliged to offer my many thanks to the respected members of the previous terms of the Experts Assembly. And peace and Allah's mercy be upon you Sayed Ali Khamenei Feb 20, 2007
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