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Prayer, the miraculous remedy

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei in a message issued Thursday to the 16th nationwide prayer conference acclaimed the lively act of prayer to God as a miraculous remedy and urged the organizers of the conference to employ wisdom and art to make awareness about the religious practice.

The full text of the message, read out in the conference Thursday by Hojjat-al-Islam Mohsen Qara'ati follows.

Bimillah-e Rahman Rahim
I pay honor to the meeting and call on the omniscient and all-hearing God to turn the conference into a source of warmth and an enlightening light for the immaculate, vivacious hearts of our youths and spread the melodious sound of worship throughout our country.

Prayer is the need of human being. We the stuck in the throes of the temporal life are in need of a hatch to pass the pure air of freedom from the world of meaning to us and help the heart to escape impurity and unawareness. Without this window of light and liveliness, the human self would lose its luster and the heart picks the color, smell and nature of mud.

If we know prayer as it is, we will thank God thousands of times for the great gift which His messengers have extended to us.

I urge you the organizers of the conference whose effort is remarkable to put your back into making awareness about prayer vigorously. This is more effective than any other executive order, directive or decree. The hearts are intertwined with spiritual pursuit. You must show them this right path, this miraculous remedy and this heartening window. This is what helps publicize prayer and couple it with spiritual state, presence, and enthusiasm. This would translate the following maxims:

Prayer is the summit of the faithful.
Prayer is the best religious subject. Some wish to takes it more and some wish to take it less.

Subsequently for the great practice, wisdom, art and motivation must be employed.

I ask God to confer The Success on all of you growingly.

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you
Sayed Ali Khamenei
Sept 5, 2007
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