The Office of the Supreme Leader


Leader's Message in Commemoration of Martyrs and Devotees of the Sacred Defense Era
September 22, 2005

The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei on September 22, 2005 issued a message in commemoration of martyrs and devotees of the Sacred Defense era. In his message, the Leader described martyrs as the symbols of the epical and golden era of the Sacred Defense and emphasized that the remembrance of honorable martyrs, who manifested the exalted character of the faithful Iranian nation through the sacrifice of their lives, is enlivening and invigorating. The message was read by the Leader's representative in the Martyrs Foundation, Hojjatoleslam Rahimian, at the Martyrs Cemetery in Tehran during a ceremony in which the tombs of martyrs were dusted, washed with rose water and strewn with flowers. The text of the Leader's message is as follows:...

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