The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s remarks in graduation ceremony of the Police University cadets

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

(Arabic prayer)

You performed a ceremony today, which was very glorious and beautiful and rich in meaning. Exercises were very good, the arrangement of the arena was very attractive and the ceremony that you performed here was totally innovative and rich in meaning. Innovation is attractive and pleasing in all issues related to work and education and research and [also] in small-scale and large-scale [modes of] management. Today, I observed signs of innovation in this arena [and] in various sectors [of the law enforcement force]; I am very obliged [for that].
[These days] are sensitive and important days. Graduation of you, the graduates, and receiving epaulettes by you, who receive epaulettes, have taken place at a very important juncture. First of all, it is [the lunar] month of Dhul Hijjah, [which is] a month full of [important] matters [and religious] themes; the month of Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Ghadir, Arafat, Mubahala and birth anniversaries of some of the Infallible Imams (Peace Be Upon Them), and [a month, which] coincides with the last [days] of [Iranian calendar month of] Shahrivar and the Sacred Defense Week, and [also] precedes the [lunar] month of Moharram and the start of the new lunar year and the month of [Imam] Hossein (PBUH), [which is] the month of martyrdom [and] the month of honor. Under such conditions, you, my dear youths, managed to receive [your military] ranks and epaulette. I consider this as a good omen and ask the Almighty God to strengthen your steps on this path, which you have taken, [and] which is a path full of honors and [characterized by] the bliss in this world and the next.
My dear ones! What is important is to [pay] attention to the importance of the responsibility, which has been put on your shoulders; [I mean,] the responsibility for maintaining security and order across the country. Security is among first-grade bounties of the Almighty. If there is security in a country, there will be possibility for scientific progress, practical progress, moral progress and human progress in that country. [However,] if there is no security, none of these [forms of progress] will be possible or [they] will be very difficult [to achieve]. You have decided to provide for this people this basic factor for the happiness of the country and the nation; this is a very important responsibility. Your perseverance as well as spiritual and physical capability will help you, God willing, to fulfill this responsibility. My dear ones! To the degree that security is important, to the same degree it is the target of the enemies’ hostility. The enemy always tries to do away with security in the country toward which it is hostile.
Our evil international enemies – that is, the hegemonic system and the leaders of the hegemonic system and the Great Satan, America, and its proxies – made their mind from the first day after victory of this nation in the Islamic Revolution to strip this country of security. One of our basic problems during these [past] 38 years has been to maintain security. Our youths have fought for maintaining [the country’s] security [and] have struggled with all they have had; [they have done this] both in the early months [after] victory of the revolution when mischievous and secessionist efforts were made in some of border areas of this country at the instigation of the enemies, and after that during the time of the [Iraqi] imposed war [against Iran] and the Sacred Defense, which lasted eight years, and [even] after that up to the present day, when the enemies are trying to strip this country of security. [Despite all the enemy’s plots] our young people in the armed organizations, including in the police force, have stood up [against the enemy] with complete bravery and power, and have defended the security of this country.
I want to tell you, my dear children, [and] my dear youths, that you are the only organization, which is present before the people’s eyes across the country. [Therefore,] people see your service, see your endeavor, [and] see your sacrifice; [they see you] in cities, in villages, on the road, in borders, in passenger terminals, in mountains and plains, in dangerous regions, [and] in everywhere. The police force is before people’s eyes in all seasons of the year. We have no [other] organization, which would be before people’s eyes in this way, over such a vast expanse, [and] at all times. Your capabilities are [source of] prestige for the Islamic Republic establishment. Your power, your bravery, the step that you take, [and] your justified and timely move [are all] sources of pride and honor for the Islamic Republic establishment. When you counter a corrupt current face to face – like the current of illicit drugs, the current of wicked acts in cities, robbery, [and] various forms of insecurity – [and when you] make sacrifices and take trouble in doing this, people see your endeavor with their own eyes. [By doing so,] in addition to meeting people’s [most important] need, which is security, you also bring prestige to the Islamic establishment.
This is a source of prestige for the country. Today, praise be to God, in this insecure region and in this region where the hostile hands of the enemy, [and] contaminated hands of enemies have sown the seed of terrorism, in such a problematic and restive region, you and [other] young people who have a responsibility in this country, have been able to maintain an exemplar [degree of] security for this country; this is very important. I deem it necessary to thank the police force for its endeavors in various sectors, [including] in countering [all kinds of] corrupt acts and various [forms of] wickedness. These roles [played by you] must be bolstered on a daily basis. This work must be done in a scholarly manner. The report, which was given to me of this university, and esteemed officials also said here today, [shows that] steps that are being taken are necessary and valuable steps. Both scientific steps, and research steps, and experimental steps, and steps aimed at teaching skills [to the police] are all necessary and must be always pursued with seriousness. It is necessary for us to have a police force on a par with the Islamic Republic, on a par with the Islamic establishment, [and] on a par with a Quranic and Islamic society. [Of course,] we have some distance to go before getting there; this distance must be gone by you, dear youths, and [you must] march forward and I know that you can [do this] and will do this job through God’s assistance.
The important thing [for you] is to entreat on the Almighty God for assistance and maintain your relationship with the Almighty God. What is important next is [having] a sincere relationship with people; [try to] combine might with compassion and sincerity with people. What is important is compliance with law; no step must be taken in defiance of law. And finally, the important point is [to show] courage and audacity in enforcing the law. Wherever law is at stake, do not stand on ceremony with anybody; take action with courage, take action with bravery, [and] fulfill the duty that law has assigned to you. Law must not be violated, [and] when enforcing law, never be bugged with dawdling and hesitation. Where there is a law, you must enforce it. A major problem with [various] countries and nations is that when it comes to implementing their religious duties, their conscience-based duties, their rational duties and their human duties, they are overcome with doubt and dawdling.
[With regard to security], let me tell you that one part [of the country’s security] is domestic security while another part is [tied to] regional security. At the present time, our region is an insecure region. What is the reason for this [situation]? First of all, it is because of the mischievous and wicked intervention by hegemonic powers; [I mean,] intervention by America, [and] intervention by Zionism. They take advantage of any means in order to infiltrate [into regional countries], meet their own illegitimate interests, weaken nations, [and] undermine acts of bravery and national might [of regional countries]. One day, they create Daesh [terrorist group] and when through perseverance of resistance [forces], [and] through perseverance of faithful youths Daesh and the likes of Daesh are drawing their last breath, [America and Zionists] look for other evil ways [to make the region insecure]. This is the role played by America at the present time. When they lose hope in one way, they look for another way. Of course, through the divine assistance, Iranian nation, Iranian youths, [and] young members of the resistance [movement] in the region, who are inspired by Islamic and Quranic slogans, will once again rub the nose of the agents of the hegemonic system in the dirt and will overpower them. What is very important in the region is this [fact] that regional nations and regional governments should feel capable and put this capability, which is a divine bounty, into action; in that case, the infiltrating enemy, the ill-wishing enemy, [and] the coveting enemy will have to retreat. [However,] if we back down [on our positions], the enemy will move forward.
You see how shameless the leaders of the hegemonic system are! In this very case of nuclear negotiations and the nuclear agreement known as the “JCPOA” (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), they take one wicked step every day, demonstrate one aspect of their wickedness every day, and prove the truth of what Imam [Khomeini] said that America is the Great Satan. In fact, the regime of the United States of America is the most evil of all devils. You dear youths, know that the issue of [anti-Iran] sanctions is a totally clear and unequivocal issue. Iranian nation has been, and still is, pursuing nuclear activities in order to meet the country’s peaceful needs. Up to a few years [from now], we will need at least twenty thousand megawatts of electrical power generated through nuclear facilities and obtained through use of nuclear energy. According to calculations by our specialists and our experts, apart from that [electrical] energy, which is produced by non-nuclear facilities, we will need to obtain twenty thousand megawatts [of electricity] through nuclear facilities. [Therefore,] the Islamic Republic establishment started this move [toward generation of nuclear power] through scientific and practical steps; [and this was] a legitimate step, a correct step, [and] a harmless and safe step, which entailed no loss [and] no threat to any nation and any country. [However,] the regime of the United States of America, which is concerned about scientific progress of this nation and all other nations and is not willing to see them progress in scientific terms and does not allow nations to progress – both in scientific terms and in practical terms and in economic terms – imposed cruel sanctions [on Iran] in response to this legitimate and correct move by the Islamic Republic.
 [As a result,] the country’s officials reached the conclusion that they should engage in negotiations and give up part of this right of theirs in order for the sanctions to be removed and they did this. Today, despite all agreements, all promises, [and] all numerous discussions that took place, the way that the regime of the United States of America treats these negotiations and the outcome of negotiations is a totally unjust, totally oppressive and totally bullying treatment. What Iranian nation must do in the face of this hostile move by the enemy? What [Iranian] officials must do? Officials must prove to the leaders of the corrupt regime of the United States of America that they rely on their own people and this people have made up a powerful nation. [Iranian officials] must prove that due to the blessing of Islam, Iranian nation [never] gives in to force [and] does not bow to [world] powers; they must prove this [and] must show this. Americans must know that Iranian nation will stand firm on its honest and powerful positions. When it comes to important issues, which are related to national interests of the country, retreat has no meaning in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s lexicon. We will continue our move with strength. The enemy must feel this and know that if bullying and oppression bears result anywhere else, it will not do so with regard to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is standing tall and powerful and is a major target of the hostility of these [bullying powers], because it is a source of inspiration for other nations. The corrupt and seditious and lying and deceiving officials of the United States of America are not ashamed, talk brazenly and accuse Iranian nation and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran of lying.
The Iranian nation moved with honesty, acted with honesty, progressed with honesty, chose the path of God with honesty and will tread this path through the divine assistance up to its very end with honesty. You [American officials] are liars; the leaders of the hegemonic system are liars; the liars are those people who cannot see any nation be happy and blissful and are willing to meet their own illegitimate interests at any price [and] in spite of the interests of other nations; it is them who are deceiving and lying. The Iranian nation is standing fast, [and leaders of the hegemonic system] must know this. In the case of the JCPOA, any wrong move by the hegemonic system will be faced and countered with the Islamic Republic’s reaction. This is where you feel the importance of security in the region. This security, which is not extant in the region, praise be to God, does exist inside the country and this is owed to the endeavor and devout work of you, faithful youths, and officials and directors of those [Iranian] forces who are responsible in this regard. I hope God would help [you].
One basic issue is that [you must] look for and find sensitive points, [and] weak points. For example, take into account the case of roads and accidents that take place on roads. What is the share of the police force in preventing road accidents? This issue must be studied. Of course, various factors and different organs have a share in this regard; what is the share of the police force, the share of the Ministry of Road [and Transportation], [and] the share of other various industrial organs with regard to [preventing] these accidents? Let us do something that our dear people will not have this accident-prone and bitter and painful sector in their lives. Or with regards to guarding borders, or with regards to smuggling of illicit drugs, or with regards to dealing with consumers and dealers and distributors of illicit drugs, or with regards to dealing with miscreants. These steps that, praise be to God, the police force is taking with power in various sectors of the country, must continue as accurately, as rapidly, as comprehensively, and as seriously as possible, [and] esteemed officials of the administration must help the police force [in this regard].
O Almighty God! [We swear you] by [Prophet] Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad to keep these young people steadfast on your path. O Almighty God! [We swear you] by [Prophet] Mohammad and the Household of Mohammad to bestow your special help and favor and attention on these dear youths. O Almighty God! Include these [young people] and directors and trainers and commanders of these [young people] and various other sectors of the Armed Forces in your special favors; make the sacred soul of [Hadhrat] Vali Asr (PBUH) satisfied with these [youths]; [and also] make the purified souls of martyrs satisfied with these [young people].

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings