The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s remarks in meeting with Iranian officials and Islamic countries’ ambassadors

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
(Arabic prayer)
I congratulate all the esteemed participants, the dear guests who are in the Islamic Republic, and the respectable ambassadors of the Islamic countries and the entire Iranian nation and all Muslims in the world and all freedom-seeking people across the globe on the occasion of the grand and unique Eid of the Ordainment of the Venerable Prophet [of Islam].
The Ordainment is a one-of-a-kind and unique development, and in fact, no other development in the history of humanity exists as important and grand as the Ordainment of the Prophet. 
The Ordainment of the Prophet was the acme of the Almighty’s mercy on human beings and humanity. Sending prophets, [and] dispatching prophets to guide humans [and] to take humans to their point of climax is the greatest mercy shown by the Almighty to humans and the pinnacle of this movement was the Ordainment of the Venerable Prophet [of Islam]. [Through the Ordainment] a way was opened to humans, and up to the end of the world, this way has the power and potential to take humans ahead just in the same manner, and from that day up to the present time, humanity has gone ahead. [As a result of the Ordainment] the human thought, the human mind [and] many of the facts that religions had undertaken to express have become customary in the human society and, praise be to God, the hearts of all human beings have become inclined and attentive to spiritualities.
The pith of the Ordainment is monotheism. Monotheism means to worship the Almighty God in an exclusive manner; it means that [various kinds of human whims, caprices, lusts, and angers would not govern the human life; it means that dictatorships, despotism, [and] complacencies would not take hold of the human life. [In monotheism] the origin of management of the human life is the divine knowledge and divine power and divine mercy and divine favor and divine guidance; this is the [correct] meaning of monotheism. First of all, all of those people who want to dominate the affairs of the human society and human societies through their complacency, through their arrogance, through their despotism, [and] through their oppression, are pushed back through the motto of monotheism, [and] therefore, show hostility [toward it]. [As the Quran says,] “And thus We have made for every prophet an enemy; devils from mankind and jinn, inspiring to one another decorative speech in delusion.” All prophets came face to face, [and] had encounters with those who had money and power, with arrogant people of the world, with bullies of the world, [and] with pharaohs of the world and fought against them. In the absence of the fight from [the followers of] the truth, the untruth cannot be made to withdraw. [The fact] that from the beginning of the human history up to the present time, humanity has been getting close and closer to the divine teachings [of God] on a daily basis, is because of [this] fight; because the truth must fight. [As the Quran says,] “Those who believe, fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Taghut (Despot).” Without fighting against dictators and bullies and those who wish ill for humanity and oppressors and tyrants it would not be possible to get the truth ahead. [Therefore,] it is necessary to fight and prophets did this and monotheism lays out the general outlines and principles and main lines of this fight
[The motto of Islam, which says] “there is no God but Allah,” is not merely a purely ideological and mental issue; “there is no God but Allah” leads to an effect [and] leads to an action. This very Islamic government to which Mr. President referred, which was established [by the prophet] in [the city of] Medina, was the result of [the motto of] “there is no God but Allah.” It means that in divine religions, government means nothing unless it is established by the Almighty God and those he chooses [as prophets]. This is why when the prophet said, “Say there is no God but Allah to be saved,” those who had money and power in that limited and small environment of Mecca formed a front against him. Then when the Islamic government was established in Medina, once again, governments and empires and global powers formed a front against Islam. This front has existed since day one [after the advent of Islam] up to the present time, and since day one up to the present time, withdrawal in this faceoff has been the fate of the falsehood while advancement has been the fate of the truth. The same small [Muslim] population, which lived in Mecca under that [tremendous] pressure, is now a huge human society with numerous honors, with abundant potentialities and with high hope and a bright future. This must be understood: The Islamic Ummah must return to monotheism from the bottom of its heart.
If we believe in monotheism, we cannot give in to bullying, cannot give in to oppression, [and] cannot stop resisting the oppressors; this is the nature of monotheism. [The fact] that the Islamic Republic announces that wherever there is an oppressed person and help is needed, we are present there, is because of this; [and] this is why we show such insistence on the issue of Palestine, because the requisite of monotheism is that humans must stand against bullying of the oppressor against the oppressed; the truth of monotheism is this and the Ordainment reminds us of this [reality]; and this [concept] will certainly progress. Now, of course, there has been a lot of pressure on the people of Palestine at this time and in the past – during these seventy years – but you look that the same oppressed [and] limited population, the Zionists managed to finally overcome and drive a nation out of its own country and deny them access [to their motherland] and to dominate that country; the same weak nation has at the present time turned into a powerful Palestine, which threatens the Zionist government and the Zionist government feels weak in the face of that government, [and] feels helpless; and without a doubt, Palestinians [will] finally overcome Zionists and Palestine will return to the control of Palestinians.
This is why we are taking sides with resistance groups in the West Asia region. This is the reason behind our presence in Syria to confront and encounter terrorists, which America and its agents had created in the region. That they say “the Islamic Republic of Iran is expansionist, [and] wants to conquer that given place,” these are nonsensical and meaningless and unreal and false remarks. No, we do not intend to expand [our influence] and have no expansionist approach to any point in the world; [and] we do not need [such a policy] either. Praise be to God, the Iranian nation has a big [and] developed country full of potentialities in its control. [This regional presence] is because resistance against oppression existed and [still] exists in the region of Syria, [and] in West Asia; this is why we are present there. Therefore, you see that through the divine assistance, [and] due to the assistance that it has received and because of the courage that the Syrian forces had, the [resistance] front succeeded to overcome terrorists [who were not only] supported, but [also] created by America and Western countries and their mercenaries in the region – such as Saudi (Arabia) and the likes of these – [and] managed to defeat them.
The same people who supported Daesh [terrorists] overtly and covertly in the past, are now claiming that they have been involved in countering them and have defeated them; [and] they are lying [about this]! There is no such thing, [because] they had no role [in this regard]. In this speech, which the American president made a few hours ago, he said, “We succeeded to defeat Daesh in Syria.” [This is] an obvious and blatant lie! Wherever they deemed necessary, they took action and helped [Daesh terrorists]; wherever the main elements of Daesh were under siege, they took action and saved them. Before [that], they were effective in the creation of Daesh. Through [spending] the money of Saudi [Arabia] and the likes of Saudi [Arabia], they succeeded to create these wicked creatures and to pit them against Iraqi and Syrian nations. However, the “resistance” against America and against the agents of America managed to save these two countries; and it will be like this afterwards.
This attack [by the United States, Britain and France] on Syria during last night’s dawn is a crime! I clearly announce that the president of America, the president of France and the prime minister of England are criminals and have committed a crime! Of course, they will not achieve anything [through this attack on Syria and] will not benefit from it, just in the same way that in these past years, they were present in Iraq, in Syria [and] in Afghanistan and committed such crimes and did not benefit [from them] at all. It was just a few days ago when the American president said ‘we have spent seven trillion [dollars] in the West Asia region – [or] the Middle East as he called it – without getting anything [in return]’. He is right; they got nothing. America must also know that regardless of how much [money] it spends after this [and] how much effort [it makes], it will certainly get nothing in this region.
We must wake up in the face of these developments, [and] we must remain vigilant. Islamic nations, Islamic countries, [and] Muslim governments must gain [more] experience, [and] must understand what they are doing. These [enemies] want to deal a blow to the Islamic Ummah. The goal is not just the country of Syria or the country of Iraq or the country of Afghanistan; [but their main] goal is [to undermine] the presence [and role] of Islam in this region; they want to deal a blow to this. Islamic countries [must] understand this concept. Islamic governments must avoid serving the goals of America and some [other] aggressor Western countries. This is no cause of honor for a Muslim country that the president of America would openly say ‘we look at them as a milk cow’. They look at these [Saudis] as a milk cow; is this any cause for honor? This incumbent American president said this during his election campaigns last year. He said ‘we look at Saudis as a milk cow!’ Can any humiliation be worse than this? Is there any higher degree of humiliation than this for a government [and] for a nation? They take its money [and] then address it as a cow milk [and] insult it; no degree of humiliation higher than this is possible for a country and a government; Islam is against such [cases of] humiliation. 
[As the Quran says,] “And to Allah belongs [all] dignity, and to His Messenger, and to the believers.” If they were faithful, they should be dignified; this lack of dignity is a sign that these [Saudis] do not have faith, are not faithful, [and] are lying [about it], just in the same way that their [Western] masters lie. The president of America says ‘we have attacked Syria in order to fight the use of chemical weapons’! This is a lie. It is they [who are] not against the use of chemical weapons – neither [the use of] chemical weapons nor any other crime against humanity. At the present time, Yemen is being bombarded on a daily basis [and] these [Americans] are supporting it. Muslims in various parts of the world come under pressure and these [Americans] support that oppressor and help him; these [American leaders] will never be upset about a people suffering [and] having pain. It was these [Americans] who supported the criminal Saddam [and] backed him. Thousands of people in Iran and Iraq were annihilated or harmed by chemical weapons, which Saddam used. There are still youths among our people who were harmed at that time and are [still] suffering. These [Americans] are not against [the use of chemical weapons], [but] they take action for the sake of their colonialistic and international dictatorship goals and accuse this and that [country] of dictatorship, [while] they themselves are international dictators. Of course, dictators and despots do not succeed anywhere in the world, [and] these [Americans] will not succeed either and there is no doubt that America will fail in [achieving] its goals in this region and in any [other] region where it wants to oppress [people], and [know that] nations will certainly emerge as victorious and, God willing, this will happen in this region as well. 
Thank God, our nation is standing tall. Based on its forty-year experience, the Iranian nation is unwavering in its resistance and steadfastness. We have tested this: when faced with an enemy, “withdrawal” will encourage the enemy [to move forward]; in the face of an enemy, “resistance” will cause enemy to backtrack. [As the Quran says,] “And if those [Meccans] who disbelieve had fought you, they would have turned their backs [in flight]. Then they would not find a protector or a helper. [This is] the established way of Allah, which has occurred before. And never will you find in the way of Allah any change.” This is the divine tradition: if you stand against oppression and dictatorship and bullying and wickedness and crimes committed by criminals of the world, they will certainly be forced to retreat. This is the Holy Quran, which mentions this as an unchanging tradition of history and a divine tradition, and this tradition, God willing, will be materialized. And I hope that the Iranian nation, Syrian nation, Iraqi nation, the oppressed Palestinian nation, [the Muslim] people of Kashmir and Myanmar, and all regions in the world where Muslims are under pressure, God willing, would become successful in a not-so-far future and, God willing, would be able to push [their] enemies back. O Almighty God! [We swear you] by [Prophet] Mohammad and by the Household of Mohammad to satiate the purified souls of martyrs – those who were martyred on the path of righteousness and truth – and the purified soul of the honorable Imam [Khomeini] with your favor and blessing.
Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings