Jurisprudence & Religious affairs
Jurisprudence & Religious affairs

Being unable to pay khums

Some people have outstanding khums, and at present they are either unable to pay it or its payment would put them to severe hardship. What rule applies to them?

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Tarakhkhuṣ limit of very close cities
In Germany and some other European countries, the distance between some cities (that is, the distance between the exit sign board of one city and the entry sign board of the other) is not even a hundred meters, and the houses and streets of the two cities are totally connected to one another. What is the tarakhkhuṣ limit in such cases?
Pouring water on the grave
According to some traditions, such as the one in the book “La‘ālī al-Akhbār, it is mustaḥabb to sprinkle water on graves. Is this recommendation limited to the day of burial or is it general, as maintained by the author of this book? What is your eminence’s opinion?