The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Ghusl of Friday

The Ghusl of Friday is a highly mustaḥabb deed.  Its primary timeframe extends from daybreak on Friday until the time of the Noon Prayer.  If the worshiper does not succeed in performing the Ghusl of Friday in this timeframe, he may perform it between the time of the Noon Prayer on Friday and sunset (ghurūb), but in so doing his intention must, as a matter of  mustaḥabb caution, be simply to perform the deed, without qualifying it as the original deed (adāʼ) or as its compensation (qaḍāʼ).  And if he misses this secondary timeframe, the worshiper may perform the ghusl in question as of the beginning of fajr on Saturday until maghrib on that same day, his intention here being to perform a compensational deed (qaḍāʼ), not the original deed
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