The Office of the Supreme Leader

Performing Ablution while Having Hair Spray On

Q.| Can we perform the ablutions of wuḍū and ghusl if we have hair spray, hair styling glue, or other such hair styling products on?
A.| If hair styling products are water-impervious (that is, they do not allow water to pass through, thus preventing water from reaching the hair), they must be removed before starting the ablution process. With regard to wuḍū, however, the area required for rubbing the head is very little, as even the least amount of rubbing (even if it is only an inch in length) is sufficient. So if there is such a minimal area of the upper part of the head that is clear of the water-impervious substance, there is no obligation to remove it from other parts of the head. Also, instead of rubbing one’s wet hand on the hair, one could part the hair in the middle and rub the scalp, thus applying moisture directly to the skin, in which case one need not remove the water-impervious substance in question from one’s hair.
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