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Prostration of Gratitude Did you know…

To perform the prostration of gratitude (sujūd al-shukr), the worshiper simply needs to put his forehead on the ground while having the proper intention in mind. As a matter of advisory caution (iḥtīāṭ mustaḥabb), it is recommended that the worshiper also lay the other six body parts involved in the prostrations of the canonical prayers on the ground.[1] Furthermore, it is recommended (mustaḥabb) that the worshiper rest his forearms and his chest on the ground. There is no required formula that needs to be uttered in this prostration, but it is recommended that the worshiper repeat the Arabic phrase shukran li-llāh (“Praise be to God”) at least three times.

[1] There are seven body parts that are involved in the prostration of a canonical prayer. These are: the forehead, the two palms of the hands, the knees, and the big toes of the two feet. These seven body parts must be firmly placed on the ground during prostration in canonical prayers.
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