The Office of the Supreme Leader

Clapping at Mosques

Q.| Is it permissible to clap in a mosque?
A.| Clapping in celebratory ceremonies, on joyous occasions, for applause, for confirmation, and for other such purposes is, generally speaking, permissible. Yet, when participating in religious ceremonies, especially those held in mosques and chapels and other such places dedicated to religious service, it is best to express our joy and happiness by chanting such common devotional formulas as ṣalawāt[1] and takbīr.[2]

[1] Ṣalawāt is the popular name for the formula that invokes God’s blessings upon Prophet Muhammad and his holy family. The formula is, in its most common form, allāhumma ṣalli ʻalā muḥammad wa āli muḥammad (“My God, bless Muhammad and the House of Muhammad”).
[2] Takbīr is the name of the common Islamic expression of divine glorification allāh akbar, whose accurate translation is, “God is greater.”
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