The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Completeness of Four-Segment Canonic Prayers during Military

Q.| As part of my military service, I am required to travel regularly to a military base outside my hometown for a duration of one year, but my stays there are less than ten days, and the distance between my hometown and the military base is 22 kilometers. How does this affect the completeness of my diurnal canonic prayers?
A.| Your four-segment canonic prayers remain unaffected during this period, whether you perform them on your way there and back or at the base itself, unless there is a hiatus of at least ten days during which time you do not travel, in which case your four-segment canonic prayers are curtailed to two segments on your first trip after this hiatus (regardless of whether the trip is related to your military service or not) but are restored to four segments as of the second trip thereafter, provided that the trip in question is related to your military service.
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