The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Completeness of Four-Segment Canonic Prayers on Study-Related

Q.| Are travels undertaken for academic purposes or for professional learning similar in effect to occupational travels?[1]
A.| If it is one’s employer that requires one to pursue academic or professional learning, such that the education process is deemed to be a part of one’s occupation, or if the educational process is in itself sufficient in causing one to be labeled as belonging to a certain occupation, such as the education that religious seminarians and military cadets undergo, one’s travels are analogous in effect to occupational travels.

[1] Occupational travels differ from non-occupational travels in that one’s four-segment prayers are restored to their full form in some cases and one is permitted to fast while traveling. During non-occupational travels, even if repeated multiple times and without the interruption of ten days, one’s four-segment canonic prayers are curtailed to two segments and fasting is invalid.
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