The Office of the Supreme Leader

Financial Capability for the Performance of Ḥajj

One of the ways in which one may secure financial capability (istiṭāʻah), which is a precondition for the obligatory performance of the pilgrimage of ḥajj, is selling the surplus of that which one owns (such as houses, home appliances, furniture, vehicles, and work tools) in excess of what is necessary to maintain a decent standard of living if the acquired revenue suffices to cover one’s living costs for the period of time that one is engaged in the pilgrimage of ḥajj and also the costs of the pilgrimage (or, if not the entire costs of the pilgrimage, a portion of it, such that one is thereby enabled to secure the funds needed to embark on the pilgrimage), provided that the sale of this surplus does not lead to inordinate hardship (ḥaraj) or does not harm one’s social standing and dignity. If it is possible to secure financial capability in this way, performing the pilgrimage of ḥajj is rendered obligatory.
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