The Office of the Supreme Leader

Actions relating to Eating That Are Canonically Objectionable

The following is a summary list of actions relating to food consumption that are canonically objectionable and are thus best avoided: (1) eating when not hungry; (2) eating to excess;* (3) looking others in the face when eating; (4) consuming food while its temperature is hot; (5) blowing on hot food in order to cool it; (6) waiting for additional food items when the bread has already been served; (7) cutting bread with a knife or other such utensils; (8) placing a container of food on bread; (9) cleaning bones completely clean of meat; (10) peeling fruits (such as apples) that are generally deemed to be edible with their peels; (11) discarding partially eaten fruits.

* It is reported in the corpus of tradition that God detests nothing as much as a bloated stomach.
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