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Engaging in Supererogatory Fasting as Part of Ritual Retreat whil

question| Given that supererogatory fasting is invalid if one is under the obligation to observe compensational fasting (ṣawm al-qaḍāʼ), would it be correct if a person who intends to embark on the ritual retreat of iʻtikāf * starts the first day of the ritual retreat observing supererogatory fasting, due to not knowing the aforementioned precept regarding supererogatory fasting, but then, after being informed of the aforementioned precept, corrects his intention and changes it to compensational fasting prior to noontime? Would his ritual retreat be valid?
answer| Yes, his ritual retreat would be valid.

* One of the requirements of a canonically prescribed ritual retreat (iʻtikāf) is fasting. Observance of ritual retreat is canonically invalid if the worshipper is not fasting.
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