The Office of the Supreme Leader

Meat, Leather, and Other Animal-Based Products

question| Are we allowed to consume the meat of a canonically edible animal if we cannot verify whether it has been slaughtered legitimately and in accordance with the rules prescribed by Islamic law?
answer| If the meat is purchased from a Muslim market, it is canonically pure (ṭāhir) and edible (ḥalāl). If, however, it is imported from a non-Muslim country, it is deemed to be canonically inedible, unless (1) it can be verified that it is derived from a properly slaughtered carcass or (2) its importer is a Muslim who, we may assume,* has verified its derivation from a properly slaughtered carcass before selling it to his Muslim customers.

* That is, we need not be certain that the Muslim importer of the meat has verified that the meat is derived from a properly slaughtered carcass. The fact that the importer is Muslim and the possibility that he may have verified the legitimate production of the meat in accordance with Islamic law are sufficient grounds for rendering the meat he sells canonically edible for his Muslim clients.

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