The Office of the Supreme Leader

Proper Ḥijāb for Women

question| What is the proper clothing that women should wear in public?
answer| Any form of clothing that meets the following conditions qualifies as proper Islamic ḥijāb, that is, as clothing suitable for being worn by women in the presence of non-maḥram men. Proper Islamic ḥijāb must
  • cover the entire body, except for the face (the part that is typically rinsed with water in performing the ablution of wuḍū) and the hands (up to the wrist);
  • conceal all forms of adornment and beautification worn by a woman (even if it is on her face and hands, which are otherwise allowed to be left uncovered in public);
  • not be in such a form, shape, or manner as to attract the attention of non-maḥram men;
  • not expose the salient parts of a woman’s body in a sexually provocative manner or in any manner that would entail vile consequences;
  • not cause one to stand out;
  • not be of those forms of clothing that are generally deemed to belong properly to men.
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