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wallowing Food Crumbs while Praying
Question1: During prayers, is it permissible to eat and drink or to swallow the crumbs left in the mouth?
Answer: Eating and drinking while praying invalidates it, whether it is a little or a lot, but swallowing the food particles that remain in a corner of the mouth or sucking on a little bit of sugar or cube sugar that exists in the mouth does not invalidates it.
Also, if he eats or drinks something inadvertently or out of forgetfulness, provided that it does not disturb his state as a praying person, the prayer will not be void.
The Duty of the Worshiper while Facing an Invalidating Doubt
Question2: If during the prayer one of the doubts that invalidate the prayer occur to someone, can he leave the prayer immediately?
Answer: As a precaution, he cannot leave the prayer immediately, but he must think for a while so that doubt (probability of 50 percent) is fixed/established (i.e. he does not become confident nor is one side more probable), and then leaving the prayer is not objected.
How to Say a Paid Prayer
Question3: Is it obligatory to perform the usual mustaḥabbs such as adhān and iqāmah for prayers for which we are hired to perform, or it suffices to say obligatory parts?
Answer: If no special condition has been set for the prayer, the hired person only needs to perform obligatory parts of the prayer.
When to Perform Sajdah of Inadvertence
Question4: In what cases, is sajdah of inadvertence obligatory?
Answer: The worshiper must perform two sajdahs of inadvertence after salām of the prayer in five cases as follows:
1. he inadvertently speaks during prayer.
2. in a four-rak‘ah prayer, after the second sajdah, he doubts whether he has recited four rak‘ahs or five rak‘ahs,
3. he forgets tashahhud,
In two cases, it is obligatory precaution to perform two sajdahs of inadvertence:
4. he forgets a sajdah.
5. Inadvertently he recites salām of the prayer where he should not.
How to Perform Two Sajdahs of Inadvertence
Question5: How to perform two sajdahs of inadvertence?
Answer: In order to perform two sajdahs of inadvertence, he should immediately, after salām of the prayer, with the intention of performing two sajdahs of inadvertence, place his forehead on something on which sajdah is valid and as a precaution say:
سم اللَّه و باللَّه، السلام عليك ايها النّبىُّ و رحمة اللَّه و بركاته
Then he sits and goes to sajdah again and repeats the dhikr of sajdah of inadvertance; Then he sits to recite tashahhud and salām.
Offering Qaḍā’ Prayer before Aḍā’ Prayer
Question6: If one has missed a prayer and must say its qaḍā’ prayer, can he first perform the obligatory daily prayer and then make up for the missed one?
Answer: A person who owes qaḍā’ prayer can perform aḍā’ prayer that is now obligatory for him. However, if it is only one single qaḍā’ prayer, it is obligatory precaution that he should perform the qaḍā’ prayer first; especially if the qaḍā’ prayer is related to the same day.
To Make Money with Child's Property
Question7: If some money is given to my minor child as a gift, can I invest it? Should I consider the profit only for my child?
Answer: The father or paternal grandfather can invest, or make a business with, the child's property (provided, of course, that it does not entail any vile consequence for the child) and in this case the profits are the child's while the father or paternal grandfather can only get an amount of profit equal to the normal wage for his work.
To Design Women's Clothing
Question8: My job is to design women's clothes. Is this job, which is related to style and fashion, illegal from a religious point of view?
Answer: It is no problem in itself. However, you should not promote designs which are derived from the degenerate culture of the West and contradict public modesty.
Āyāt Prayer upon an Earthquake
Question9: During a thunderstorm (which frightens most of the people) or an earthquake, is it obligatory to offer āyāt prayer immediately? If not read, what is our duty?
Answer: When an earthquake, thunder and lightning (which has a short duration), or the like occurs, they should, according to caution, say the prayer immediately, and if they do not do so, they should perform it later without intending it to be adā’ or qaḍā’.
Requirements for a Mustaḥabb Sacrifice
Question10: Is a certain age required for an animal as a mustaḥabb sacrifice like aqīqah?
Answer: In mustaḥabb sacrifice, a certain age is not a condition.
Aborting a Sick Fetus
Question11: Is it permissible to have an abortion just to diagnose a disease in a fetus? And in case of abortion, who will be responsible for it?
Answer: Merely diagnosing a disease does not justify abortion nor changes its rule of being ḥarām, except for very special cases and diseases when it is unbearably difficult to take care of the child. In this case, it is permissible to abort it only before soul enters the fetus. However, according to the obligatory caution, its blood money must be paid by the person who caused the abortion.
Full Deposit instead of Paying Rent
Question12: We have rented a house by depositing a large amount of money without paying any rent. However, after doing so I realized that it is not valid. What can I do to correct it?
Answer: If the landlord - regardless of the previous contract - is satisfied with your using the house, you have no obligation. Otherwise, you are liable to pay the rent of a similar house for the past. For the future, you must conclude a new contract.


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