The Office of the Supreme Leader

MONTHLY AHKAM | August 2022

Dowry Bought by the Husband
Question1: When a man and a woman get married, in a normal document, they agree that the man should provide for things such as a refrigerator, a TV, and so on. Who is the owner of these appliances according to Islam?
Answer: Unless it is proved that he has transferred the property to his wife through a gift/ṣulḥ deed, or the like, the items provided by the husband are his property even if he gives them to his wife for use.
Delaying the obligatory Hajj
Question2: A couple has registered for Hajj, and with the new age conditions announced by Saudi Arabia, the husband cannot go. Is it allowed for his wife not to go to Hajj this year alone in the hope that the situation may change next year?
Answer: It is necessary for her to perform Hajj this year, and being alone does not justify to delay Hajj.
Ḥalal Marine Animals
Question3: Which types of marine animals are ḥalāl to eat?
Answer: Among sea animals, only scaled fish, shrimp and some sea birds are ḥalāl. The rest are ḥarām.
Ruling on Prayer and Fasting between City Border and Trakhkhuṣ Point
Question4: If a traveler passes the trakhkhuṣ point but has not reached the city (i.e. his watan or the city in which he intends to stay for ten days), how should he pray and fast?
Answer: The prayer is full between trakhkhuṣ point* and watan. But between trakhkhuṣ point* and the place in which he intends to stay for ten days, he must, by obligatory caution, say his prayer both full and shortened. At any rate, his fast is not valid unless he reaches there before zuhr adhān.
* The trakhkhuṣ point is the nearest place where adhān of the city is not heard. According to the research, it is about 1350 meters from the end of the city.
Wife's Share of Her Husband's Inheritance
Question5: In a family, first the child and then the husband died, is the wife's inheritance from the husband one-fourth or one-eighth?
Answer: If the husband does not have another child or a grandchild, the wife's share of inheritance is one quarter.
Missed Fasts of a Person Who Dies in Ramadan
Question6: If someone does not fast during Ramadan due to illness or travel and dies before the end of Ramadan, is qaḍā’ of his fasts responsibility of his/her eldest son?
Answer: It is not obligatory.
To Receive an Additional Amount after Concluding the Transaction
Question7: If the price of a product increases after the transaction, is it permissible for us to receive the appreciation from the customer?
Answer: It is not allowed.
To See Wuḍū’Barrier after Prayer
Question8: If a person checks his hands before wuḍū’ and sees no obstacle, but after praying he notices an obstacle, what is the ruling?
Answer: If he is sure that the obstacle was there during wuḍū’, then wuḍū’ and prayer are not valid; Otherwise, there is no problem with wuḍū’ and prayer.
A Woman's Spending Her Own Property for Mourning Ceremonies
Question9: If a woman wants to use her income or wealth for mourning ceremonies of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them), does she need her husband's permission?
Answer: In cases other than nadhr, it is up to her. However, in case her husband is present, a woman's nadhr needs, by obligatory caution, his permission.


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